BFI: Compendium IV

Compendium IV came out a week or so ago, from Black Flame Immersion. They go over a variety of questions from the community. I especially enjoyed some of the dialogue around the Runes. To hear the full podcast episode, check it out below:

Power Dynamics

Organizations (spiritual or otherwise) often carry the seeds of their own destruction. There’s a tendency for people to lash out against the leadership of a group, or for leaders to enslave the minds of their members. Many organizations have tried to modify their own structures to limit the effect, but Continue Reading

Meditation pt. III

In the Black Flame Immersion private Facebook group, I mentioned my thoughts on meditation. Sometimes, I wrote, feelings I would normally dismiss will arise and these are things I need to deal with. As an example I talked about my decision to withdraw my application from the Temple of Set Continue Reading

Meditation pt. 1

In the private Facebook group for Black Flame Immersion, the topic of meditation came up. A common complaint about meditation, that I’ve heard over the years, is that people tend to either fall asleep or their mind is too active to meditate. While we may not be Buddhists or Hindu’s, Continue Reading