Life is Suffering

This quote “Life is Suffering,” is often attributed to Buddhism and I find some great truism in it. Life has a suffering aspect. Certainly it’s a grind. There’s really no “win” in this life. While some gather possessions and income and breed future generations, many find towards the end, no Continue Reading

Bad Advice

As I’ve moved forward along my path, I’ve begun to get more discouraged and frustrated with the discussions in various Left Hand Path groups. When these online groups aren’t outright atheistic (believing in nothing, including magic) they tend to be semi aware of magic and the esoteric, yet constantly focused Continue Reading

This Moment

Recently someone asked about emotions. They were unaware of my recent trip into emotional cannibalism (consuming my emotions for magical work) and I didn’t want to freak them out, so I kept it simple. I tried to see what was bother them and then offer a few tidbits of advice. Continue Reading