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This blog is a personal set of notes and study into the Left Hand Path. A bit about me – I grew up as the son of an evangelical minister, I transitioned into Buddhism, then Hinduism, the occult by way of groups (Golden Dawn, A.’.A.’., Temple of the Silver Star, Aurum Solis, etc.) and even joined Scientology for a short stint. I had a wonderful Enochian tutor, I worked with the Kabbalah Center and revisited Buddhism a few more times. Most recently I was working / learning from a psychic/mystic based organization, when I came across some writings by Mark Luskin. I was impressed with his ideas and that lead me to investigate something I had never thought to investigate – the Left Hand Path of magic and philosophy.



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Why the Left Hand Path?

My goal in researching the LHP is one of personal transformation. While I’ve been embedded in Right Hand Path modalities my entire life, I came to find something here that had a strong backbone, and felt real in its effect – to transform the self into something greater than the machine mechanism body… it’s also a divergence from the right hand path modalities of submission and/or union.

Is it Political?

While individuals have political views, the theistic groups do not align to political systems. The Satanic Temple is not a group of true LHP initiates, but rather they are a reaction to political christianity.

True LHP people can align with a variety of things, but in truth the theist is most likely seeking something greater than the human experience and it’s broken expression (society, politics and the like.)

This Site

What you’ll see here, is an attempt (on my part) to distill the ideas and philosophy of LHP philosophy throughout history from various perspectives. All perspectives that I will deal with are theistic in nature (that is the path accepts the externalized force by whatever name it is given – Lucifer, Set, Satan, Odin, etc.)

Meaning of Highlighted Text

Before getting into the details of what this site is about, I should point out my usage of color:

Anytime you see blue highlighting on this site, those are elements I was in disagreement with at the time of writing. These are areas I may return to later to consider if my feelings have changed at all.

Likewise, anytime you see yellow highlighting, those are ideas I am in harmony with at the time of writing.


Picture a vast expanse of darkness – space without light. Within is a great intelligence that knows only one thing. It has Come Into Being. It can perceive itself, and it only has one faculty, imagination.

Webb, Don. “Mysteries of the Temple of Set” (pp 6)

The word “Skotadi” (σκοτάδι) is Greek and it means “darkness.” Originally the site was about Taoism, Vipassana and magick. I’ve reworked the site quite a bit.

Today, skotadi.org is my online NOTEBOOK about my studies of the Left Hand Path. I’m looking at it from a variety of perspectives and organizations. Putting it together, I jot down notes from books, interviews and the like. I highlight things in blue I don’t agree with, and in yellow that I do agree with. I think about it some more and revisit the ideas to see if they have shifted at all.

Let’s clear the air and talk about what is meant by “Left Hand Path,” as well as what I mean when I talk about Darkness. These terms can be loaded terms, invoking ideas and concepts to those not familiar with them.

When I use the term “darkness,” I am referring to the state from which all things come. In the Tao Te Ching, it reads at the end of Chapter One (translated by Stephen Miller):

Darkness within darkness.
The gateway to all understanding.

Tao Te Ching as translated by Stephen Mitchell

Another inspiration quote on the subject of Darkness is from St. John of the Cross:

If a man wishes to be sure of the road he treads on, he must close his eyes and walk in the dark.

St. John of the Cross

What About Unity?

Those who know me, know that I’ve been very big on unity concepts. Divine unity, unity vs. separation of self… I’ve written a book or two on the subject.

But there’s an interesting take here with the LHP – does it offer something that I have missed or overlooked?

I’ve updated my thoughts on Unity in a post (linked below):

Click the Image above to read the full article, “Unity Revisited”

That question is why this online notebook exists. The posts here are mostly from LHP books and material. I’ve tried to create a series of posts that explain LHP concepts, as well as document any areas I currently agree or disagree with.

Identifying elements I’m not in harmony with, is a good practice. This allows me to further digest the section at a later date and see if my ideas on the matters have changed.

System / Group Focus

When I first started with this venture I had no idea where to start. I saw videos online… some where people were selling me their teachings as product… Some of these folks were charging thousands of dollars… I felt I was back to Scientology again.

Temple of Set

My first point of contact with the Left Hand Path was not that way. The Temple of Set were very affordable. A yearly due ($88) and the cost of books. That’s it. The Temple of Set is also very approachable. I found authors who were more than willing to help with any questions I had.

The structure of the Temple of Set, is one in which they sought to divorce themselves from a magnetic personality (leader.) For this reason, each leader steps down at one point, to offer the leadership to someone else.

The group also doesn’t seek to force adherence to a finite state of rules and regulations of belief. While they do hold certain tenants to be true, they allow the personal gnosis to sprout, by guiding the initiate to learn a system of magic… and later on, create their own. Or so it is specified in their public books.

This practical methodology was very human and honest.

However… things have changed. As this working began to stir in me, the application process into the Temple of Set began to mirror issues I’ve had with other groups in the past. My sovereignty was again at stake. I withdrew from the application process, realizing that the Left-Hand modality is not something (in my opinion) that can be instructed through a group mind or setting. While individuals have offered majestic advice, the roles, boundaries and constructs of group thinking hurts my Individuality and sovereignty.

Black Flame Immersion

Another venture I went in my learning was to look into a podcast structure that I could listen to while driving on my 2hr commute. I was a bit surprised to find little content on left-hand-path occultism. What I found was often not what I was looking for.

However, I found a podcast called Black Flame Immersion. Now this was something special. The host and co-host of this podcast remain anonymous, so not to build up an ego or cult base. Neither do they demand financial burdens or countless up-sells. They don’t do any marketing – to find it is one’s reward. I found it, and I got the reward of the devotion of the host and co-host, which has inspired me and empowered my work.

Initially I thought the host of this podcast was aligned to Luciferianism… but in my study of his word, I came to realize he prefers to be called a diabolist. This term is unique, and quite unmolested by the public. To put it simply, the host is a theistic left hand path seeker of wisdom.

Unlike some Luciferian’s, he isn’t seeking to become a God, but rather seeks the state of individual gnosis – that he believes will extend beyond the corporal state. Or so is my understanding of his work.

If I were to correct the category by which I put him on this site, I would place him as a diabolist. If you want to understand what that means, consider reviewing his first few episodes, where all of that is explained.

Like the Temple of Set, the host of the podcast has been very open and responsive to emails. He has offered advice and listened to my own thoughts. While I may disagree with some aspects, he accepts that – encouraging my (and your) own gnosis. Truly he and his co-host are very special people.


Finally, I have met other left hand path people online, who have impressed me with their focus, devotion and compassion. For those in the “Luciferian” movement, I have also included their works under that umbrella category.


I’ve found that my focus has tended to be focused on the Temple of Set, as well as Black Flame Immersion podcast. If any readers have other recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Letting go of the need for group instruction, I decided to trod a path much more difficult. I see no other ability to work the spiritual path of the Left-Hand, other than doing it alone. I still enjoy the advice and wisdom from great writers and speakers, but the path of a group feels contrary to my goals.

My focus has centered upon three steps:

  1. Severing the Influences of the Past
  2. Connecting with my Daemon
  3. As the Daemonic Self, addressing the Force of my path (for my path the name Lucifer calls to me)

While they are handled in sequence, they also continue to happen all together. Time has shown me things holding me back – things I must let go of. My Daemonic relationship continues to strengthen and I continue to work with the Force of the adversary.

Yes, there are times I feel completely isolated. There are times I wonder why I’m doing this… but in the end I feel the reasons are just. The Abrahamic faiths offer nothing to me, but a regurgitation of violence and hate. Eastern views can offer much more, but there’s still a lacking element of inward change igniting a flame of Individuality. This is the only path I’ve found that leads to Freedom, Responsibility and Individuality.

While the path may cause me distress and suffering, and I can’t find a reason to give you (the reader) to follow it, I can tell you it is the only path I know that feels true and genuine.

Each path of the Left-Hand is unique to each. My path is not your path. Let no-one set boundaries of belief for you. Let no one control your thoughts and opinions. Fight daily for your spiritual Liberation, Freedom and Individual Sovereignty.

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