This morning I was reviewing some notifications on Twitter. I came across this Tweet that really inspired me. The music is wonderful and the message tagged in the Tweet was fascinating. It inspired me to write this post about choice and slavery:

My Freedom Rite

What would have happened if slaves had turned to the devil instead of God?

What a fascinating question. Immediately I was taken back to my own choice to burn the bridges of the past – specifically the past of Christian influence. It was just a month ago, July 22, 2019, that I made that decision – which is detailed in the link HERE.

The interconnection between the Tweet and my post is in the word slave. My operation of ritual that removed the influence of Christianity, was one of selected readings from the Bible – and in their desecration. Full of the new spirit of choice, the working was spontaneous, and yet one passage was left to the end. The last verse I read from the Bible was Ephesians 6:5, which reads in part, “…slaves obey your earthly masters…” This was the conclusion of my personal rite. Upon the reading of that verse, I spat into the page, tore it out and burned it upon the fire stating, “I am no slave!”

American Slavery

The society that I live in, America, is still one based upon slavery. Slavery not of physical bonds, or even financial bonds (although those might apply), but rather the slavery of the hive mind of Christianity.

Everywhere I turn now, I see the signs of a Christian parasite. They peek around proverbial corners, demanding attention to their cause. Wanting others to bow down to their forceful creed, they use fear, guilt, and even coercion.

Without an individual thought, the hive mind Christian stands at the ready to receive the next instruction from the church proper. Like a family of rigidity, their nature is not their own, but rather it is a set of instructions on how to view and interact with the world. Typically this interaction is from a false view that they are superior in knowledge and others must fall in line with their religious authority.

Oh they may make a choice here or there, to leave one church for another, or to disagree with some sentiment here or there, but in the end they suffer from blind obedience to a force they don’t even recognize.

This is the slavery that still runs rampant through America.

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