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Bellow is link to the Black Flame Immersion episode on Ascension IV. This deals with outside influence. This can be a situation where people push their faith on you… example: “do you know that Jesus died for your sins?” That type of influence is at one level, where another might be more aggressive… like those sign holders that scream “god hates [some group].” Or at less of an extreme, saying “have a blessed day.”

The Issue

The reason for the removal and prevention of outside influence, is spoken about around 20m 20s in the clip above.

“To me it is extremely … your ascension is dependent upon your removal of these outside sources… I don’t see in my personal thought process and gnosis, I don’t understand, nor would I see, how anyone could possibly get on their own path, where they need to be with a clear end game, if they were clouded and shrouded in Abrahamic parasitism.”


The host is talking about removing the influence and corruption or filters that are put upon us by our societies. This is a common theme with the LHP and one in which I struggle with.

What’s great about this episode, is that the co-host also talks about her struggles with this issue as well. I think part of this is my nature to be nice, or accepting of others – being meek or weak in that respect.

In another post, I wrote about how I went from being in disagreement with antinomianism to discovering validity in the path. This, I believe, is a further extension of the antinomian response. Not just blind rebellion, nor simply heterodoxy – we now reach a tipping point of decision. To accept this, is to build barriers, and remove the influence of the Abrahamic faith put into us (or upon us) by others (regardless of their intentions.)


  • Removing things from yourself, you become void
  • You become devoid of some feelings you held onto
  • You’ll start to notice how people behave around you
  • Assertiveness is a requirement, to draw a boundary
  • Remove oneself from a situation that is pushing onto you
  • If removing oneself doesn’t work, assertion would be next
  • Barriers need to be built
  • Very hard to override the human subconscious – removing of external sources, within oneself (such as in the conscious or subconscious)
  • Regarding baptismal removal: You have to be sure about your decision
  • Removing the above, changes how you think or receive the world – so it could make drastic changes (so be prepared for it), and understand this is his way of finding the goal without filters of influence
  • This is not about disliking another religion… it’s about removing the influences that occlude the ability to make decision and choices with clarity
  • Anxiety, depression, panic attacks – due to hypersenstivity (pvc’s, etc.) <- I have pvc’s as well, which kick off panic attacks.

“Does it mean more to you to have a meaningful relationship with a parasitic family or friend?”

Black Flame Immersion

The quote above is from the host, who is putting it down as it really is… do you want to hold onto a stable relationship where you undergo abuse and control?

The more I think about it, the more I feel he’s right… but this is hard to do as well.

Q & A

Before going on with my analysis and feelings, I want to impress upon anyone who listens to this podcast to go through its entirety. Be sure to listen to the Q & A at the end.

I do believe that those who listen in to this episode listen all the way through… especially the q & a at the end (around 2h 6m)… as he speaks on Gnosis… and does “gnosis require ritual?” I totally agree with the speaker on this. From my own experience, gnosis can come through life experience… mind, experience, internal dialogue… pondering one’s thoughts… This is a great gem.


I get what he says, and I understand. There are areas of my personal life that I am responsible for, where this has to be balanced…

My Personal Past

This episode brings up my past.

I was raised by a minister, in a christian faith. So I grew up with that. By being “in that,” I saw the problems. My first paranormal experience challenged what that was. My father was a nice guy, so I have no issue with him on a personal level. My mother, however, was a racist and bigot, like most christians. That led me to find solutions to problems outside of Christianity, which moved me to Buddhism.

In Buddhism I learned to quiet the mind… and then I moved into occultism. In the Golden Dawn I found evidence for things unseen… and that fueled my passion. In and out of a bunch of groups, I fell into several modern religions… During that phase, I kept my nature secret. Books, practices – all secret… because the others wouldn’t get it.

I gave up on groups… for a very long time. But I had this idea for years, of unity with all of it… as though the Source of truth could be tapped from a variety of interfaces (buddhism, hinduism, mysticism, occultism.)

When I quieted my mind, no matter the spiritual path (as long as the path is open minded), I felt the same presence. it’s a presence or field of completion. So I thought, “look it all connects to the same thing.” Hence I felt I was finding unity.

When I came into the LHP, I read in the writings of others (such as Dr. Stephen Flowers) that such a view (as mine above on unity) is a the dissolution of self… and I’ve had a really hard time agreeing with that. Was I killing my identity to feel connected to that field?

I since have changed my views here… I found, in time, that I needed to address some issues in my past that were surfacing… this led to me needing to cut ties with my old belief systems… which I accomplished on 7/20/19:

Relating to Ascension IV

How my personal baggage relates to this ascension (IV), is that it’s a tipping point.

The host’s view is that “how can you see anything clearly if you are covered in these other religions?” (not a direct quote)

Yet where I came from I felt I was getting a piece of each thing, to understand a whole… like picking up tools. One teaching gave me a hammer, another a screwdriver, another a saw. Together it forms a set of tools in my toolbox.

I worry that if I cut it all out, I loose the tools.

What I discovered, was a gnosis – a personal awakening to the reality that the “unity” I was feeling in all those other paths, was actually me. I described in various posts, linked below:

This, I suppose, is what Don Webb discusses in his “Grand Ritual.” Wherein the aspirant cuts ties with their greatest influence through a ritual process… as Don says, if you’re an atheist you burn ‘reason’ magazine… if you’re a Christian you burn a bible… as a process of the ritual to take back all the energy you put into the thing that most directly controls or manipulates the individual.

I’ve struggled with this…. I am more understanding of the need for this, but I still feel there is something to gain from the other system.

Ugh, such a struggle inside of me!

I’ve since divorced myself from my past christian influence.

I’ve been seeking guidance. My magical oath – I spent 9 days, just sitting with my candle, focused on my own Will and asking: “provide guidance.”

This gave me the courage to talk to LHP people to ask them advice.

Should I cut out all he influences on my life? Didn’t those influences bring me to this place of learning?

Dealing with the Outsider Energy

I do understand the need for assertion of self. I am probably similar to the co-host on this. Historically I have a problem standing up for myself… and THIS WEEK I started to really think about someone in my family.

Remember, I said I was seeking guidance? Well this episode slipped in as adding to that guidance sought. Keep open to where guidance can come from.

Using Another’s Energy

If the intent of the speaker is positive (from their point of view), is it really negative? Is not their energy push simply interpreted as positive or negative by us?

I mean if some random guy said to me, “May Jimmy Dean the Sausage Maker shine his blessings upon you,” would I feel its harm? Is that different to “Jesus bless you?” Their intent is potentially positive (from their point of view), so why would it harm? I’m not sure I still see it.

Now on those negative elements we pick up day to day, I get that it’s a webbing… a psychic webbing that just sticks to us. People project their fears, anxieties, and anger onto us.

I cut that webbing all the time, through a process I was given. It’s a balancing act. Sometimes assertion needs to be made… and other times I think dealing with it by cutting the webbing, is a better way to go.

Using Negativity of Others

I met a person recently who would talk about things, and be hit with hostility every time. I asked him, “how do you deal with that?” He gave me the following advice:

“When people give me negativity, they become unbalanced and I use it against them. I can make them look foolish, unbalanced…”

Don Webb

I came to realize this past week, that as I delved into the negativity of Christians against the occult and paganism, that their negativity, fueled in me a stronger drive to move forward on the LHP. That is, perhaps, an example of using the negativity of others.

PVCs and Anxiety

Lastly, I want to point out that the host speaks about his own issues with anxiety and pvcs… uncanny, I too have that same issue. I was diagnosed with pvcs years ago… and I have panic attacks at times, and anxiety and fear at others. I can get very tense, very quickly JUST by who’s in the room.

Maybe I need to be more assertive. Maybe that quiets the tension I take upon myself.


This is a great talk… it’s a long one. I tried to bring up the bullet points for further review…. and discuss my initial feelings of where I’m at and what he said.

I keep running into this issue of needing to cut or burn off the old ways from me. In seeking guidance, more views on this matter (such as Black Flame Immersion) have appeared in my life.

I struggle here because I am balancing people in my life… kids, wife, elderly mother who lives with me. there’s a balance… where my wife, even though she might bend to Jesus… she also knows the failures of the path. She allows my space to be who I am. My mother on the other hand… she’s a nightmare… take a bigot Christian who’s a racist to my wife and throw in some dementia… and you get the idea. She’s 90… haha I mean, I’m looking for the best way of relating to all of this…

I know the host is grander at this then me. He has made choices due to his devotion to the path. I’m drawn to truth as well… but I need to find my own way through this.

2 thoughts on “Ascension IV – Outside Influence”

  1. Good summary. A lot to chew on in this episode. Those of us who come to this later have perhaps absorbed more waste and have multi layered entanglements. I am struggling too. I keep coming back to what the speaker said in a past episode(?) “It’s okay not to be okay….” This is not an easy way.

    1. Yes, it is hard. That also (IMO) means you’re on the right path. We’re working with our histories, how we grew up, all the filters that shaped our view of the world and we’re removing it. It has to be hard. I’ve also felt it’s rewarding. When these entanglements fall off, our personal sovereignty starts to shine through. Recently I let go of another one… something I had been working towards, and I realized it was yet another thing holding me back. These are hard… letting go of people, old beliefs, organizations. it is not an easy way, as you say.

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