As I’ve moved forward along my path, I’ve begun to get more discouraged and frustrated with the discussions in various Left Hand Path groups. When these online groups aren’t outright atheistic (believing in nothing, including magic) they tend to be semi aware of magic and the esoteric, yet constantly focused on the mundane relations of the path.

As an example, recently a post came through one of these groups. It was a post of a woman who was seeking advice on how to proceed down the Left Hand Path. She identified as a person still dealing with Christianity as their filter. In many ways it sounded like me, when I first was looking for advice.

Not one person asked about her connection to meditation, nor any hands on approach on dealing with the filters of Christianity. Instead people were popping up with their favorite elitist author. Csikszentmihalyi came up as an author to dig into. Csikszentmihalyi is a psychologist and his work “Flow” is often praised. Dozens more books are recommended, from Japanese Business management (Thick Face, Black Heart), to various other texts.

I suppose there could be some usefulness here, but no one really asked her any questions that might give an indication of who she is and what inspires her. They instead blurt out this list of books that is assumed to be useful to everyone with an itch for the Left Hand Path of self improvement.

The peculiarity of the Left Hand Path is that due to its extreme emphasis on individualism and auto poetic separation of the Self, it cannot be constrained within some rigid skeletal structure that will suit every single Seeker. There is no such thing as a precisely delineated route of sinister ‘transcendence’ that lists all the necessary stops in some unavoidable deistic order.

Liber Nigiri Solis pp. 175

Mundane Knowledge vs. Occult Knowledge

I totally agree with the above quote. It is all too alluring an idea to scoop up a system of practice and be told exactly what to do. This is a mistake of taking the spiritual path as that of any other form of mundane knowledge.

If one wishes to become a pianist, they seek a teacher. The teacher gives them lectures, practical work and so on. There is a great difference between the Left Hand Path spirituality and that of mundane knowledge. Unlike the mundane world, the spiritual world is an expression from within. Accumulating external/mundane mass (knowledge) is just going to pull one into the mundane frame of existence. The spiritual quest is Esoteric (inward) and the mass it collects is from personal effort.

This isn’t to suggest that books are bad. Not at all. Read a book, learn from it. Find the gems that reveal themselves to the individual nature within. But to hand off a list of books to someone we don’t know (without even asking about who they are or what they are seeking to accomplish) is a complete waste of time. It is a Right Hand approach of passing off knowledge useful for one person as the knowledge that everyone needs.

As I read the online posts of people who pride their intellect, they tend to over estimate book learning: “Read these 15 books and then come back and talk to us.” For such people, it appears that they see magic as nothing more than Mental programming. It appears that way because they seem to be stuck in the physical realm. If they aren’t talking about some elitist philosophy over a cup of overpriced coffee, then they’re spouting of rage and anger over political events.

Personal Path

This path is hidden through a murk of mistakes. We can’t rely on simplistic advice. Good advice is when a trusted source gives us an answer to further grow our own internal quest. Bad advice passes us off to go read a stack of books.

The most valuable source of information is found within. No one can teach you gnosis. No one can confer it. You simply don’t get promoted to a degree where gnosis pops onto our head. It’s earned through Self work.

What I’ve written here, any gnosis I’ve discussed, is not a universal truth. It’s simply what is true for me at this time. It aids in my spiritual growth. That is the nature of the Left Hand Path.

Where to start? Sit. Start there. Look inward. Burn a candle and from your heart’s desire ask the unnamed deity to reveal itself as the source of the Left Hand.

I’ve read great books, that inspired me. I’ve written about them here. I’ve talked about authors who really reached me (like Don Webb), but I wouldn’t simply pass a stack of books off on someone who was seeking answers. Read a book if you wish, but no book can really be more than a subtle guide. Books will always fail us, they will always superimpose a doctrine, dogma or ideology that we may not be in agreement with.

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