There are many ways to describe a state of greater expansion. I’ve had a belief on this going back many years. My awareness of the sense of self was born one day in my living room. I had just come out of some magical operations at the time, and sat down in my living room to relax. I became aware of the play of light and shadow in the room and noticed how a lamp’s light, would degrade. At one end of the spectrum it was bright, and the other end the light melted into darkness. Between those two polar regions was an intermix of light and shadow.

Over the years, I attempted to sketch this out. Below is a sketch with some detail beyond the scope of this essay. Focus on the two extremes, at one point to the left, I labeled “Higher Self” as the end. To the right is the “Material Self.” The line itself gains density as it shifts to the right. To the left, the line becomes transparent.

A Setian might describe this as Xeper. The Setian principal of becoming the Self, that Self that has “come into Being.” A Thelemite might consider this the relationship between the Holy Guardian Angel and the Individual.

In my early days of analysis, I thought of this flow as being spiritual evolution. That one leaves the mundane world behind and puts their attention at a state towards the Left.

I believe that where one’s consciousness resides on that scale is where one’s limitations are set. If you think of yourself as a mundane human and nothing more… then your capabilities are limited to the Right side of the spectrum. However, if you consider you are something greater and expansive, and your conscious awareness shifts to this idea, then more magical and spiritual opportunity is realized. One becomes more capable of Xeper of Being, or Individuality.

Some have said that for one to get more Being, we need to express. Often this expression is described as expressing into the mundane. I’ve heard such people describe this as being an animator, musician, business owner and so on.

To me, however, this mundane expression only solidifies one’s mundane existence. To work on the spiritual nature, I think that a person needs to expand outward but in a spiritual way. For example, by exploring the expansion of Self beyond the body, or communion with deity, these are ways of expression that edify the spiritual nature.

Yet if one were to shift entirely to the Left side of the spectrum, that too feels out of balance. Such are those who lose complete touch with the physical reality. The mystic is a great example of this. The allure of what is beyond replaces all interest in living in the world.

Rather than express into the physical, nor express explicitly into the spiritual, there’s a possible 3rd alternative. What if the expression of Self is the total encompassing aspect of the spectrum itself. The Self, if identified as the entire track (spectrum), from the most mundane to the most spiritual, would (IMO) lead to the truest form of Self.

In other words, the truest Self, is not only being aware of one’s humanity, but also being aware of one’s external sense of Self (beyond the body). To me, this is enlightenment.

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