From Don Webb’s work “Mysteries of the Temple of Set,” the notion of Being is defined as such:

Being is a state that is like the new sun. It illumines everything, including itself. Being is a state of consciousness that is both self-rflecting – its own source of illumination, as well as the means by which the universe is perceived. In moments of Being, persons know who they are on all levels from teh most mundane to the most cosmic. They understand their relationship with the universe, and they are indifferent to the universe and filled with bliss at themselves. Their self-love shines forth and perceptions are vast and accurate. Being is the goal of the Setian. The state of Being is idealistic rather than realistic, or in Setian terminology Subjective rather than Objective. However unlike most idealistic systems, the reality of the universe is accepted. Matter cannot sully the absolute, nor is it unreal. However matter is seen as less durable than Being. Setians believe that Being is inherent in all Sentint Beings, however the fetters of the world keep this state from being enjoyed. There is that in every human that transcends the gods, yet is kept from mankind by mankind’s laziness, ignorance and fear of the unknown.

Webb, Don. The Mysteries of the Temple of Set. pg 19

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