Black Flame Immersion has released two new podcasts since I’ve last updated this site. I’ve been remiss in continuous updates lately, mostly due to work and my studies. As a side note, I manage about half a dozen sites of my own and I’m considering a visual update this as well. I’ll try and post more often. At any rate, I wanted to present a new set of podcast episodes. I think it’s important to point out when they are released as a lot of my readers are interested in Black Flame Immersion.

I’ve embedded the episodes below, but as always, if you click the linked words “Black Flame Immersion,” you’ll find their full episodic list.

On a personal level, I myself haven’t been drawn to substances or chemical usage to altered states. My feelings about it are complex. I feel that holding onto the spiritual is hard enough, without the overwhelming aspect of mind altered states through chemicals.

Chemicals are a fast way to get there, but once there, I wonder how one could trust anything they gain. It’s very hard to see through one’s own thoughts, to the sublime guidance of the deity, or one’s greater nature. Compound that with a chemically enhanced experience and I would think it would be even harder to separate the confusion from the pure.

I haven’t yet listened to the above podcasts, but that’s my thoughts before starting. I’ll update once I’m done with the series.

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