Black Flame Immersion released a new podcast today called, “Dream Sequence.” The host also talks a bit about joining Twitter. He gave his handle, and I’ve provided a link below to one of his new poems. If you’re interested in following the host of Black Flame Immersion, his Twitter handle is below:

Below is the latest podcast of Black Flame Immersion, on the topic of Dream Sequence. For more about their podcast, check out their content via any of the hyperlinked values of “Black Flame Immersion.”

Astral Projection

About 28m into the podcast the host talks about an interesting experience with Astral Projection, including physical phenomenon – being out of body swimming and waking up soaking wet… sheets wet. While some of that might be perspiration, he talks about the sheer amount being beyond sweat.

In my experience there are two types of Astral Projection… Objective and Subjective. What I mean by Objective Astral Projection, is what the host describes… it is a real exchange of consciousness from the body specific to something beyond the corporeal.

Subjective Astral Projection (in my view) is more like a mind projection. One retains in body, but using imagination one retrieves data… I suppose this could be called Remote Viewing. It’s just that remote viewing is often associated with physical locations of reality (viewing a building in Nepal, etc.) In this type of astral projection, one could “pass through a Tarot Trump” and enter into another world.

Most of my magic work in the past was Subjective, as it’s controllable. Objective Astral Projection is a state that I find impossible to control to say, “Ok now I’ll leave the body.” For a long time I didn’t know there was an Objective Astral Projection… I sought the experience of Astral Projection since I was a teen and never had an experience (except subjective projection), until one day in my late 20’s.

My first real (Objective) astral projection was so real that I thought I died. I was laying in a bed… fell asleep and began to wake up feeling a vibration on my body. I opened my eyes to see what was on me, and there was my point of view floating near my ceiling. It was like others described. It wasn’t a dream, nor dreamlike. It wasn’t like a lucid dream (which I’ve had as well). It ver hyper real. Very real. Immediately I freaked out thinking, “good one, I died.” That fear snapped me awake instantly.

Dream Meaning

Around 40m into the talk, the subject of Dream Meaning comes up. When investigating a dream that has a spiritual or occult meaning, the host feels that book related interpretation is more novelty than gnosis.


Around 48m into the talk the subject of premonition.


At around 50m the host speaks about Nightmares. The host talks about psyche damage and nightmare/panic attacks. He relates some stories about how the majority of his dreams are terrifying.

The host feels that this reflection of Nightmares is based on his dabbling as a young person in areas he wasn’t ready to control (magically). Check in around 53m to hear more on that.

Panic Attacks

I actually have panic attacks but 99% of them are while I’m asleep. I have no recollection of what occurs before then (such as a dream), I jump out of bed freaked out. Usually I feel this sensation like I died. My father always thought it was spiritual. I rejected that thought, but now I have no idea. I’m not sure the source… it could be PVC’s… as I do have those heart PVCs. But I’m not sure.

More to continue…. Check back for more, or listen to the podcast!

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