I was in for a treat tonight, as I headed on my horrible commute home – I noticed there was a new episode from the Black Flame Immersion podcast. This one, titled “The Grimoire Paradox,” was a bit unusual for the podcast.

The topic of a Grimoire is somewhat counter to the intent of the Black Flame Immersion podcast, as their focus is upon the individual and personal gnosis. However, the host wished to discuss a situation that other’s on the LHP get involved with – and that’s the use of Grimoires, specifically the Solomonic ones.

LHP & the Solomonic

Personally, I never thought of Solomonic work as LHP, the main reason being that it’s not about freedom, but control. It’s also rooted in the Judaic concepts, so by using it, you are certainly calling into your space the Judeo-Christian archetypes of the RHP.

Much like the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, these types of works are fine if you’re focused on a RHP tradition.

In my personal past I started in magic from a Hermetic point of view. Becoming a member of the Golden Dawn, and later Thelemic orders, I followed a magic system based on this Borrower’s Card type of work. The Borrower’s Card is any system that uses the name of a superior being, to do the work. Much like calling the help desk at a company and saying, “I’m a personal friend of the CEO, and he knows the director of your department. You better do what I need, or else!” It’s a very combative, hostile system where all beings are treated as hostile and vile.

Evidently there’s a lot of use of the Solomonic systems in the LHP, so much so that this episode was presented. While the host and co-host encourage the use of thinking for one’s self and taking what is needed for one’s own path, they wanted to impress upon the idea that by focusing on something inherently RHP it would misalign a person’s LHP spiritual trajectory.

Would it Work?

When I was in Hermetic orders, I found success in the workings. I’ve had one physical manifestation, and in other circumstances I’ve had magic that affected the area around here and there. The greatest Hermetic need however is spiritual growth and that didn’t really occur in Hermetics for me.

My personal ceiling was reached when I came across passages in the Bible that were vile and disgusting. Once read, I was no longer in harmony with the work. I couldn’t use the symbols and names, as they were representative of vile behavior. It took me many years to work out my issues and realize I had internally left the kabbalah based magic paths long ago. I ran from the occult path into the Hindu and Eastern paths… and then returning from them I found the LHP.

But does this magic work? Sure, any magic works! That’s my view. In my opinion magic is based on three components: Will, Belief and Feeling of Result.

There have been magicians that used simplified versions of the Necronomicon, and although it was a fictional book, it still produced results. Why? Chaos Magic suggests that it doesn’t matter the tapestry of the work. It’s the power we generate through it. I tend to agree.

Polarian Method

I had intended to do a separate article on this concept of the Polarian Method. I’ll simply cover it briefly here. The host and co-host describe the Solomonic work as something at odds to those of the LHP orientation. This makes sense.

If, however, you were to delve into a historic system how do we keep it pure? They mentioned modern takes on Hekate becoming something different than the goddess of witches and the dead. It’s fascinating because I had no idea about such new approaches. I don’t really look at book stores for occult works these days. So I just didn’t know.

In my past, when I worked with Hekate, it was through devotion. I didn’t follow someone’s work – although I did read a few books here and there, I chose to use a path of devotion. Sit. Meditate. Wait. Let go. In time, I called to Hekate and waited more. Without expectation, I just waited and wrote down anything I received as guidance. The initiatory stage took about 30 days, and from there it was more waiting. But really a time frame is of no consequence. It’s just a moon phase that I followed. Truthfully all initiations should take years or a lifetime of work.

While I think there’s value in the above method of devotion to establish a connection and then build one’s own book of ritual and ceremony, there is another approach as well. This approach is not mine, but it sound in theory. It is called the Polarian Method and it was created by Dr. Stephen Flowers.

The reason he created it, was due to an overabundance of crazy. There are people who go overboard with ideas… Ideas not grounded in rationality or logic. While there are times that the magical approach will diverge from physical reality there should be aspects of reason involved.

The Polarian Method teaches to take something of interest… say the path of some Nordic system of magic. The Initiate takes their infused interest and balances it with research. They might learn Icelandic as the closest modern language to ancient Nordic linguistics. Research into the rites, practices and culture is accumulated.

So rather than just using interest alone, the aspirant also pursues a path of diligent research. It’s dry. It takes time, maybe even years… but it allows the aspirant to re-emerge a system of magic in a balanced way.

The system does not need to adhere to all strict cultural rites. There are some aspects that are transcended. This is well researched and thought through. In fact, imo, LHP Initiates would not kill an animal for ceremony or take the blood of another – as it takes away freedom from the other. These can be transcended into a modern approach.

Freedom and the LHP

This brought up a great comment from the co-host. The conversation of some proporting to use sacrifices of animals and other things. I do not hold to such concepts, and I think they agree.

If you believe in the Satanic or LHP approaches to life, you are going to believe in personal liberty and freedom. But these ideals are not just for one, but must be for all.

It is in fact the Abrahamic traditions that were founded in the ancient blood rites. They sacrificed animals, slaughtered towns, raped and pillaged all in the name of a god that is later called the “loving compassionate god” by the Christians.

But even the Christians hold to the same traditions. Just read Pauls assertion in Hebrews 9:22, “And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission.” This is the blood requirement, that for the Christian is handled through Jesus.

It is the Christian that removes all culpability and responsibility of individuals. By claiming, “I’m no perfect, just forgiven,” they take on a role of being able to do what they will to another, and ask for forgiveness later.

The LHP as I know it, is not about control and manipulation of people and animals for self gratification and gain through magic rite. Instead it is about freedom and responsibility. In place of coercion is individuality. It is in this theme, that I hold to these concepts.

Quickly perhaps I’ve changed since my study in the LHP began. But I hold this to be true, that individuality is of paramount importance. Responsibility is taken, not thrust upon others. This is the way I see the LHP and in this way I am against the harming of others – be it of human or animals.

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