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Due to the length of the 3 hour Black Flame Immersion podcast about curses and hexes, I’ve broken my ideas, and thoughts into several different posts. This is Part 3 of my notes and ideas on the podcast.

In Part 1 (linked below), I went over the host/co-host of the Black Flame Immersion podcast on the nature of return.

In Part 2, I covered the main bulk of the podcast… from the mechanics of the curse work itself, as the host and co-host described it. It’s linked below:

The actual podcast in question is the Black Flame Immersion podcast episode titled, “The Malefic The Malicious The Malevolent” which is embedded below and can also be found from the Black Flame Immersion podcast site:


The co-host raises a lot of interesting ideas here. One of which is the aspect of psychology. She brings up people who might be putting together a curse to get over an old boyfriend, or to handle someone who harmed them.

They discuss the nature of this as being therapeutic. This is indeed possible. When I was part of a mystical religion, there was an idea that all our thoughts connect to the recipients of them. It’s very subtle. But the idea there was, that if we aren’t careful our negativity towards someone might bridge a stronger connection.

I’ve had a hard time confronting people. I’m an introvert. As such, sometimes I fall back onto ideas like this… not necessarily a “curse,” but using magic to avoid something or someone.

Personally, I’ve come to the idea that it’s best to detach the esoteric connections formed with these people. An example of this, would be to feel the webbing people put on us each day. Their thoughts, feelings, words, actions… and as thought of as a webbing, visually pulling out of one’s self, a sword of pure will…. and using that imagined sword to cut away the webbing (even acting it out physically) really helps detach from the old connections or thought webbing of others.

When needed, I try to confront directly, and appropriately in a physical manner. If confrontation is not done, the issue will repeat in my mind and my stress levels will increase. I’m not some tall hulking individual with scary tattoos. I look like a short nerd from a BestBuy commercial. I certainly can’t scare someone with my presence. But I can confront with appropriate dialogue. Obviously I’m talking about negative conversations here.

But what about the real pain… like my first wife leaving me, after she had an affair? What about that? Well I didn’t curse her. I was a Buddhist at the time, and I dealt with it by letting her and my daughter out of the agreement of our marriage. She relocated overseas and it was hard for many years (but it also turned to my best good. Through that isolation I entered the occult stream and I found better relationships.) I took on the emotional loss, but I didn’t curse her… because I saw her through the eyes of my daughter… as someone she loved, and since I loved my daughter, how could I curse someone she loves?

In other cases, we have real abuse… physical abuse. Confrontation isn’t possible as the other person lords so much power over the victim. They get out of the relationship and do some imagined or psychological curse work. It may be therapeutic. Probably it is.

In the end it’s the individual gnosis to determine what to do, and how to do it.

Are people connected?

This is often asked, “have you ever thought of someone and then the phone rings and they are on the other end?” Certainly this could be coincidence. But is it possible that there is a connection between people and that strong emotions trigger responses in them?

If that’s possible, then does the focus of energy on a person (if the goal is to remove the pain they inflicted) draw them back to us in some way? If so, it would seem to be counter productive.

I suppose this is for the individual to discover for themselves. I don’t think this is some strong phenomenon, but rather I think if it is possible, it might be very subtle. Yet subtle reconnections of people we detest are probably not something we want. But again, needs to be tested and experimented with for each individual.

A curse or other magic?

As the host said, a curse or hex is the last straw. This is where all other measures have failed. It is an act of destruction, that will send a piece of you into the target, forever lost.

There may be better options.

In my personal life, I did that working against the executive of a big company. This happened many years ago.

Later on in life I had another situation, and it was about an old friend of my wife’s. He was the victim of a crime. It was a kidnapping in a part of Latin America known for ransom kidnappings. It was so common that every friend of her’s from high school had been kidnapped at least once.

In that case, I also engaged in magic. But I didn’t engage to harm or destroy the kidnappers. I felt (from my first working of the curse) that this was a better approach: I dealt with the situation trying to bridge the gap between the victim and the kidnapper – for them to resonate with the victim so they would have less a chance to harm him.

The details of the working, along with my recently analysis and questions on various aspects is linked below:

Two entirely different approaches.

Is that a curse? I don’t feel it is at all. There was no act or intention of destruction. I didn’t strive to have the police arrest or kill the kidnappers. I worked at the level of who they are, and tried to loosen their nature. I worked to have them resonate with the victim and to let him go without harm.

Irregardless if you think it was coincidence or it was real, the two operations are entirely different.

Magic (in my view) resonates with the definition of Crowley, it is change in conformity to will. But I would add that it is non-natural in scope. While making some art, or singing a song might be change in conformity to will, it’s not as I would think of magic. Yes, some say it is magic, but to me it isn’t the magic I want to discuss. It isn’t phenomenal.

Using magic to get out of all negative situations, will stunt an individual’s growth. All of us came to the point of the spiritual path through pain. Especially this is the case (I think) with the left-hand-path dynamic.

If we could manipulate the world around us, to always give us what we want, we’d never grow into a discipline that sought a release out of this world into something greater.

Yet, magic is real and can be used. This is where guidance comes into play. Some use the Tarot to guide their use of magic. “Is this situation appropriate for me to use magic?”

Other’s have a group dynamic at play. They ask their adviser, adept, or teacher if their need is something they should struggle through, or use magic.

Some will reach out to their “higher self,” or deity to ask for guidance.

In the end, the decision is personal. We’ll make mistakes. We’ll use magic where it wasn’t appropriate and nothing happens and it might make us feel “magic doesn’t work,” and take us off the path awhile. Or we might hit something head on, and realize later to use magic and the situation clears.

The goal for me is not found in the physical universe. I’m not an atheist trying to engage in indulgence, or some right-hand-path theist waiting for the rapture.

Instead I’m striving for something beyond death – to exist as a separate intelligence. To survive and move into the next level of experience. Yet life happens. When life happens I engage in it now, rather than falling back to a deity saying, “take this away from me.”

I may need to go through that thing. In some occasions I will use magic to help me through. That level of magic, for me, is mostly used to benefit through the use of change.

The level of curse, is something the individual must decide upon. I encourage everyone to listen to the podcast, and come to their own conclusions.

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