Today the Black Flame Immersion released their latest episode on the subject of Politics. I’m going to link to it below, and put a few of my own thoughts under it:

It’s interesting to note that there are Satanists & Left Hand Path organizations who identify with Right Wing political organizations. It’s interesting as those organizations pander to the abrahamic religions, specifically Christianity, that would like nothing better to do than delete pagans out of society.

People like Paula White

Paula White is such an example, and she comes up in the first few moments of the podcast. Her quote is this:

“In the name of Jesus, we command all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now,” Ms. White said. “We declare that anything that’s been conceived in satanic wombs, that it’ll miscarry. It will not be able to carry forth any plan of destruction, any plan of harm.”

Paula White’s quote is an absurd comment from an inferior person. This is to be expected from the current Right Wing movements. Paula’s prayer is absurd in that she’s anti-abortion… and on top of that, even more bizarre is the Bible itself which is openly hostile to children (read Numbers 31).

Change via Satanism

Around 20m into the podcast the idea of real change in life being done will not be done in the name or through the name of Satanism. I agree with the host on that. While I enjoy the antics of TST, I don’t believe that such change is lasting due to the extreme views on what Satanism conveys. The very term conveys a horror movie. Attempting to use an identity that conjures such imagery it just won’t last. Any gain will just as quickly get taken away.

A much better approach, in my opinion, is through the manipulation of enemies. Strategy, using careful structured images that sow seeds of change is a much better alternative. Meaning: make change without the icons of a hostile enemy religion. Play to the audience with a strategy that will twist the enemy on its head. A straight forward conflict (such as TST) is just too straight forward and I think will not create lasting change. It get’s the attention of news and media, but is that enough?

Media manipulators don’t come off as something averse to society. They appear as everyone else, and spread a notion of change through strategic manipulation.

The host’s views here are hostile towards groups like The Satanic Temple, as it is attempting change with religions overtones, and those religious trappings are making a mocker (from his point of view) of something he holds dear.


Around 30m in the co-host brings up the real danger of group-think with many political activist groups that hook into the idea of deification through a secular form of satanism. I agree as well.

For me, the Self is not the self of humanity, but something far greater. The more I tune into that expanded state of being, the less interested I am in the profane world… and perhaps that’s wrong… but even at a balance point of attempting to hold both the human and extended Self, there’s still less interest in the profane world than not.

The group-think is a real problem. The key word for me here, is that such groups become Echo Chambers. Lost is Individuality, and the favor is gained through just parroting ideas back.


Around 34m in, the host and co-host bring up the Art of Deception. Manipulation and Deception is something I’ve recently been talking about in the last few posts.

Consider the work, “Trust me I’m Lying” by Ryan Holiday as a great starter for deception. The author speaks about the methods he utilized to manipulate media. He doesn’t wade into the mess as a crazy looking dude. He knows how to be in plain site, while holding multiple roles and pass stories and manipulation to various levels of media that get passed to greater forms of media… mostly he did it for financial gain. But the ideas are very sound.

When I manipulated a boss many years ago, I didn’t go up against him in hostility. I adopted his mannerisms, his emotional tone, even pretending to be like him… and within a week I owned him psychologically. That tyrant, became my best supporter and extended a 3 month contract to a 12 month contract, with an offer to roll over. All handled by strategic manipulation.

I learned manipulation through an unlikely source… but I think I was a natural at it at a young age… I was honed with it, via a modern religion. After learning how mechanics to communicate with people, I flipped it to manipulate.

Other techniques can be learned from other modern authors such as Robert Greene (48 Laws of Power and 33 Strategies of War being some starters). Especially with the 33 Strategies of War, you can take the content and do your own research on each historic reference. I’m hesitant to mention him, as I don’t want to come off as a Robert Greene groupie, but if you analyze his techniques you can create strategies at play to manipulate and strategize conflict.

LHP Spirituality & Politics

The host mentions that many LHP people wrap their spirituality around politics. This is no doubt true. CoS tends to skew Right Wong, oddly enough. TST is of course skewed Left Wing in politics.

My limited involvement with the Temple of Set, was that politics is not defined. People are not given a system, but are encouraged to find their nature and truth. In this way, you will find some Temple of Set members that are conservative, some Libertarian and some Democrat/liberal and others perhaps are non-political.

In my case, I want more than this world has to offer. I have political feelings and they tend to skew ideologically left. However, I’m more interested in finding my Self, my nature and spiritual growth.

Providing the Enemy

Around 1:13:00 the point of being a Satanic activist proves authenticity to the religious right cause. We create an enemy that they need to have. So true.

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