The Black Flame Immersion podcast started in 2018. I found it in 2019. Yesterday the podcast released an update of the purpose (Episode “Purpose II.”)

The episode is really interesting. You can see the momentum of where the podcast started and where it is now.

Diabolist, as a term, is discussed.

As some other entities have been coming up co-opting the term and using it in suspicious ways, such as copying the content of BFI, a trademark was issued from BFI to protect the term from misuse.

The term diabolist is used to describe a path of the Self, the true Individual. The idea of a marked path where one has a dogma, a historic approach, boundaries of belief and leadership to ensure direction – such things do not apply to Diabolism, as it is described by the host of BFI.

The podcast episode also discusses future episodes. It’s well worth a listen.

If you are interested in Black Flame Immersion, check out their new website which includes links to all episodes, and their blog:

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