This podcast was very interesting. I think it’s important to work one’s way through the episodes from the first through to the last. That said, the podcast below is very fascinating, and it starts where the previous episode on Altars left off:


  • Rituals and altars are not required – some work from devotion only
  • Lucifer is “always with me” (Host speaking, but a reference to each of us)
  • Rituals can be simple or extravagant
  • Rituals are tailored to the individual aspirant and their own gnosis
  • Many groups are based on showmanship (mockery) – specifically referencing the atheist dynamics (which have no belief in the external Deity/Intelligence)
  • The spiritual practice is not politics
  • Rituals are depicted as dark, brooding and frightening – but a ritual doesn’t have to be that – it can be simple and relaxed
  • Rituals can be formal or not formal (i.e. meditating before an altar, or even in bathtub)
  • Don’t put yourself in a box – seek one’s own personal gnosis
  • A formal altar ritual would come at and after the “initiation point”
  • There’s no value in doing a mock ritual to piss off RHP religions – if this is just a show
  • When are you ready to start the ritual work? When you feel that internal gnosis pointing to being ready
  • Motivation is key (REALLY, REALLY, know your motivations – know the true intent of the work/ritual)
  • Don’t think about it – DO IT (this is the perfect expression)
  • Invocation – bringing into oneself
  • Evocation – bringing to one’s space


I found it interesting that one of my questions (in the previous episode) was cleared up in this episode. At 16:36 or so in the time code, he states, “the best altar is really the one inside your mind.”

That was my feeling in the previous post I wrote… and I mentioned my view on the ritual tools being extensions of the person (the host mentions this as well at 17:00) – I’m in total agreement with him and had I gone through both episodes I probably wouldn’t have raised the question in my previous post. But the question is good to get out there, to write it down… to digest it… and the altar/temple space being astral as a methodology… for me, when I use “astral” I don’t use it in the new age sense… but in the mental tapestry sense. I just don’t have the language to articulate it.

Listening to this episode, put the previous one on altars in context for me. So a special thanks to the host and the co-host for raising this question and answering it.

I’m very appreciative of the host and co-host in their discussion on this issue. It was a very important episode of the podcast from the series. Totally get the devotion, passion and respect over this path from the host and co-host.

Motivation Example

When I listened this episode at 45:00, he talks about motivation in ritual and work… and I have an example. When I was younger, back in my hermetic days… I had learned my way through various degrees… and then on my own I veered off course and decided to handle something that enraged me.

I had a situation where I worked at that time, where a C level employee was sexually harassing a friend of mine… and he seemed to get off the hook, as the young woman was told she might lose her job if she filed her complaint. As I was a witness to it, I was part of the whole thing, and she withdrew her complaint, it left me alone and targeted by the C level guy. He turned on me… and everyone said he’s ‘untouchable.’

I told myself my intention was to get justice, and bring the hidden things to light… but the work I did… creating elementals with targeted goals… it wasn’t with that motivation. I just wasn’t honest with myself. It’s taken me YEARS to be honest with myself. Motivation is so hard to even know most of the time. The average person doesn’t even know why they’re angry when they’re angry. That’s why we have therapists making money off us… it’s so hard to know these things…

But there I was doing my ceremony and after I came out of the meditation, that was supposed to focus my mind, my thoughts were only on hatred… and the whole room was filled with it. I had never experienced that before. It was like the room was filled with my hate, not my goal of justice, but a personal, raw hate.

I didn’t stop… I did the work… and in a few weeks that C-Level employee stepped down from a Fortune 500 company.


The host doesn’t agree with karma… he might be right… but in my case, when I started the work, a thought in my mind foretold the outcome… “you’ll lose your job, as you wish his to be harmed.” That was my real intent, to harm his job… and 2 months after he was asked to step down, I was laid off.

Why did that happen? Was karma real? Did I embed this result into the working itself, because I subconsciously believed karma was real?

It’s very hard for me to say with any certain answer. I just don’t know.

Never again did I use hate as the motive for the work. It’s not to say its wrong, or to tell everyone “play nice,” but for me I felt it hurt me.

I like how the host tells the audience about finding your own ritual… by saying, “show me what you’d do…” and then describes a process of doing it. It’s so spot on I think. You don’t have to “think about it,” you do it… and I think he means, pull that as a TRUE EXPRESSION from within ourselves.

In a way hate, or anger is probably easier to work with because it’s so focused and removes fear. But I’m not sure of the result… in my experience it worked but with a heavy cost.


While there are needs for making changes in our environments (lucky, money, needs), the really great magic is in our inner work… changing and growing our connection to the Deity or spiritual goals of our life.

The human experience is a finite expression. While I’ve gotten involved in things, sometimes those are really important, but the greatest goals are the self-transformative ones… Which, I think, I the core of the material/goal that the host speaks to across all these episodes.

Atheist Satanist

I get where he’s going about this… I started seeing more of these individuals popup. I was in a group the other day… and I noticed it was overrun with people who didn’t even believe in what they were representing… a woman posts something really about her LHP theistic worship and a guy responds, “cool. so you really believe in this as literal shit?” That guy had the icon of a baphomet.

Now the Christian Right is saying that Democrats are the “Luciferian Left.” So frustrating… so now the politics is embedded on both sides.

However, I understand their use of antinomian… to mock and rebel against the orthodoxy… the christian prats. But… really know the subject. Stop inverting Christianity to just be a side-show… as it’s totally gives ammunition to the christian and others to just continue the side show, rather then really dig into real issues.

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