Magic can do many things, but only as circumstances allow. These allowances are both within and outside of us. The outline I’m proposing here is through my own understanding of causing external effects in the world, as well as internal change.

As one might imagine, making an external change (a remote effect) is more challenging than an internal change. There’s a reason for that, which I’ll explain below. That said, there are ways to create changes in the seeming external world, as well as manifesting entities, and the like.


Beliefs are barriers. If a strong belief exists within an individual, or a group mind, it needs to breached before it can be influenced. In other words, if someone has a hard notion that there are no such things as “spirits,” then no matter what magic, occultism, or mystical work is employed they will never have interaction with spirit phenomena.

Internal Barriers

What do you consider doable? What is impossible? Magic works at the most subtle of energies. This subtle energy is most easily influenced, and if our minds lack belief – our intent will always fail to materialize. You can not create a magical work, if you believe it’s impossible to do.

This has lead to the present condition where magicians now call almost any act in conformity with will, as magical acts. Walking a dog, making a business, drawing some pictures – people call this acts of magic. People call this magic because they sadly haven’t seen powerful magic. To believe they are committing acts of magic, they make their current condition “magical.” It’s just a mind game.

So what’s required to have a powerful magical experience? The magician needs to look deeply within and find those barriers that they are holding within. These barriers are beliefs… the magician needs an open mind to believe the work is real and will have a true result. If there is the slightest idea that what is being done is “evil,” “absurd,” or “impossible” it will block the work from manifesting.

The Temple of Set may align to this idea in the form of concept of the Subjective Universe (SU.) This is the idea that each sentient being, has its own world or universe that obeys laws of its own making. Within the Subject Universe / the surface self, there are barriers of belief that hold the magician back. These need to be discovered and removed.

Self-doubt is one of the biggest barriers. This will appear when we are put on the spot to “perform,” for others. “Oh if you’re a magician, summon a demon or spirit.” Such nonsense simply puts us on the spot, we doubt the result, and subsequently we look foolish. This can solidify our failure and for this reason I suggest you not “perform” for others, unless the magician is very skilled at doing so.

Remember that not all things will manifest. Children around the world believe in a man who comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve, delivering presents… but this person doesn’t actually exist. At least not in my perception of the world. It’s important to remember to not get TOO carried away with belief. Believe, have an open mind, but do not get too caught up in data that feels off or unreal.

Barriers are discovered through the work of mindfulness. Quietude of mind allows the investigation of belief. Once found, we move forward by dissolving that barrier. More on this below.

External Barriers

When we want to make an effect in the world we not only fight our own barriers of belief, but we must also contend with the barriers of externalized belief.


These externalized collectives are called egregores. An egregore is a collective thought-form or hive mind. While the Left Hand Path denies union and collective thought (as far as I know), the reality is that egregores and hive-mind beliefs are all around us.

Egregores are not only spiritual centers and religions, they can also be political foundations or other philosophies. They are beliefs of the herd. As such they are even more challenging to bust than our internal beliefs.

For this reason, it is very challenging to affect a political group or a leader of a political group, with magic. There’s such a barrier about the group or leadership that to topple it is quite the difficulty. It can be done however, and it involves identifying the belief pattern and working within its construct to create the desired change. See “breaking an egregore barrier,” as described under dissolving barriers (below.)

Collective Thought-Form

Apart from egregores is global consciousness on issues. If there’s a lot of focus of groups or large organizations for a specific result, it’s very hard to break through.

For example, imagine a society that is hostile to three young men accused of a horrible crime. But imagine they’re innocent. The belief and anger of the collective will make it very hard to change the outcome with magic.

In situations like this, direct involvement from the mundane.

Dissolving Barriers

Barriers can be mitigated by modifying belief, or in the use of ritual and ceremony. Strong emotions sometimes break the barriers momentarily, allowing something to leak through.

Modifying Belief

Consider Western RHP Magic – it makes use of the Holy names of believed Deity, in order to achieve result. By invoking a spirit under a Divine Name, the aspirant now has confidence that the work they are doing is under the egis of their faithful God.

After all the Judeo-Christian faith strongly forbids magic. A magician from that culture would have a lot of internal barrier to practicing the occult. But along comes someone who offers a remedy – modifying the belief to allow for magic as long as it’s done in the names of God. Therefore magician invokes Auriel or Michael through the Divine Names of the belief.

Ritual & Ceremony

Another example would be the use of initiation – by instructing the membership, that work done inside the initiates scope is under the protection of the group, the initiate can move beyond the barriers of fear or uncertainty.

Rituals and ceremonies work to ease the magician through stages – psychological stages – that build up to a concluding work or effect. It’s hard for someone new to magic to simply transform something in their life or in the lives of others. However, if they a) get into a calm mind through meditation b) build confidence using the steps of the ritual and c) projecting one’s will, then they move through the steps necessary to build the confidence to overcome any internal barriers and make the change required.

Strong Emotions

There’s a reason why people have paranormal or nonnatural events at night. Our internal fears lower our barriers of non-belief. Someone could be an atheist by day, but at night, doing a ritual or ceremony they might start to wonder, “what’s that feeling along my spine?”

Fear like this can open us through the barrier of doubt. Then, in the state of heightened fear, the barrier drops ad change is manifested.

Breaking an Egregore Barrier

When dealing with an egregore or hive-mind belief, it is far too challenging to take it head on. However there is a trick.

Almost every belief has a qualifying teaching that actions have equal and opposite reactions, or that “your sins will find you out.” While you may not share that belief, it must be understood if it exists within the egregore in question.

This may be seen as insidious by some, as it requires analysis, investigation and being very sly. One discovers the belief system of the egregore and then isolate the beliefs that can be used to manifest the desired work within it.

Consider a real example that I once did to a workable effect. I witnessed an executive at a fortune 500 company routinely sexual harass female employees. One of them was so harassed, her job was threatened unless she would comply to his demands. She tried HR but as he was an executive the HR department told the young woman that she would be terminated if she pursued her complaint (due to missing work.) I utilized magic… and in a way I hadn’t done before or sense – raw anger drove my work – pushing barriers… and I also used the modality of karma that most business’ and this individual held to be true… In the work I used the creation of artificial elementals, that would burn the seeds of his karma – ripening them to fruition and result. Within 3 months, he was fired.

Practice Till Result

We do our magic work, and sometimes the result isn’t realized. We think, “it failed,” but that’s the worst thing we can think. Did we fail?

Some critics will say, “I don’t believe this is possible, so do it now so I can see it.” They want a performance. “Manifest the being,” or “summon the spirit,” this is a common critic response to traditional magic. The critic assumes if it happens once, it should happen each time, like some sort of chemistry experiment.

Two points to that… from a Temple of Set perspective, magic occurs at the subjective universe level – and this level does not adhere to the laws of the physical universe. You can’t necessarily expect something to occur each time it’s performed. Second, from a general magic perspective, we don’t have a vantage point to run magic as a scientific experiment. There are variables at play that are not known.

If you do a magic operation and it fails to yield a result, return to the practice again and again. That’s the way through the so called dark night of the soul. Perseverance yields results.

I dig a bit deeper in this area of repeating until you get a result, in the linked post below:

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