When I go through the Black Flame Immersion Guided Meditation (Introspection I), several themes come up for me:

A Choice

It starts with a choice. You chose. You move forward or remain where you are. The right hand path seeks to submit to the outside god… the left hand path seeks to discover a lack of slavery, the self, and in some avenues of the LHP equality with the Prince of Darkness.

The overlapping goal is towards the Self, vs. the assimilation into something else.

Those who sit in the natural world of materialism, pick neither the right nor the left hand path – they become materialists, who play with the illusion. These are the atheists, who are content with the world of mud.

The Burning of the Old

A cleansing fire burns out the old ways, as dying embers, one is left swept up into the experience of isolation.

Burn, that powerful sweep of the Prince of Darkness through one’s life, it cleanses through bringing the outward things into focus as the subtle frictions working within oneself.

This is the alchemy. This is where the the Initiate works the system and either does what is necessary, or retreats backwards.

If you move forward, you may lose much of the world, but in the gain, you will gain yourself. Allow the burn to destroy the old ways… and remove the old attachments, so that the Initiate can think clearly and make the decisions of their true Will.


That isolation, is like floating on the ocean – feeling separate. Feeling alone.

The result of the flame… the result of the path, is that there is going to be a point of mourning… a space of isolation. Likened perhaps to a patient who realizes the Chemist had been giving them a placebo. All old ways were a product of the Self. All magic the product of the Self…

Now, in a place of nothing, in the darkness of the void, one can pursue the path to the greater realization of Self-hood. Be it through the work of Leviathan/Lucifer/Set/Kali … or Prince of Darkness… Whatever one calls it, this force is the seed of Self.

How it Relates

To me, this relates directly to mine own experience in seeking this path. When I made a choice to the LHP, I came to a point where I had to kill off the past, and this for me was done in the destruction ritual of an icon of my past beliefs.

When complete, I felt this aloneness. This isolated feeling… as though floating in a vacuum. This lasted, until I reached out and found something on the other end to pull me in.

There are times that the path is like a vacuum. Unlike right-hand-path traditions, one can not take another person’s path. This seeking of Self, or seeking of Lucifer, or whatever is beyond the Self, is something which requires the need to be alone. In isolation you Become something greater. If not in isolation, one would reflect back the teacher or teaching.

This is not the goal here… we are not reflecting the teacher, guru or teaching. We are learning our own unique path to the Self… and from there, one can go further. I’m still working on the Self part.

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