I just finished the entire 3.5 hour podcast. For some people who happen across this site, you might see this article first. I think it’s important to give some background to what the Black Flame Immersion is about.

The Black Flame Immersion podcast has been created in reverse chronological. The podcast itself is focused on the Left Hand Path side of spirituality. If one is knew to that concept, it in general reflects the ideas of Individuality, Freedom, Personal Responsibility and specifically with the Black Flame Immersion – there is a focus on Individual Gnosis.

That Individual Gnosis is key here, as most organizations require one to obey or adhere to tenets of the group itself. The host and co-host of the podcast here, do not intend to control, or sway your view, but rather encourage each person to recognize their own personal gnosis.


These Compendiums are FAQ’s answered by the host and co-host. As such, they cover a wide variety of topics sent in from the audience.

I think it’s important to listen to the show in reverse chronological order, but I also want to impress how important this last episode was. This was a unique episode in that we get to see a bit more of the host and co-host as they relate to general things in life.

Topics of caring for others, relationships, and a variety of occult topics were discussed. Without context, it may not have the impact it should. Context comes from the first few episodes played in order.

With that said, I’ll link to the episode as well:


I enjoyed this episode as one of my favorite of the Compendium series. Mainly the host and co-host opened up a bit more about their personal views.

It is my hope to post some of my thoughts on different topics mentioned in the podcast, over the next few weeks.

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