This is the forth and final dive into the levels of self that is described in Don Webb’s book, “Uncle Setnakts Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path.”

Prior to this, I wrote about the other three layers of self that Don Webb describes:

Four Characteristics of the Self

  • Surface Level
  • Medial Level
  • Core Level
  • Daemonic Level

Daemonic Self

This is the level of self that Don Webb describes as being the culmination of magic in the world. Perhaps Webb is trying to say that the daemonic level of self includes the totality of self. At one end of the spectrum it is the surface level (the body manifestation) and at the other end, it fills the entire subjective universe.

This “magic in the world,” is perhaps best described as the individuals subjective universe and can be expressed in appearances of hauntings, or in global changes and design. Basically, we’re talking about magic, either in its lesser or greater aspects. By lessor magic, I mean the magic of mundane workings to create change (marketing campaigns.) By greater magic, I refer to the elements of nonnatural change (summoning a spirit.)

Webb describes how the Left Hand Path Initiate investigates these forms of change (magic):

  • Research: Intellectual investigation is used to study as a scholar would, digging into the subject as much as possible. I get the idea here, it’s not to get too carried away with an idea… such as running around thinking you saw Bigfoot in the woods…
  • Beauty: Don Webb mentions a personal digestion or synthesis of the step of investigation. He says it’s a form of Beauty and honestly I don’t understand that.
  • Executing the synthesis of beauty
  • Sharing the results

Thinking on the Four Levels

I can’t help but ponder how these four levels of self seem to be similar in idea to the Four Worlds of the Kabbalah. To be quite honest, I feel I understand the four worlds of Kabbalah much easier than the these four levels of self.

They are similar in the idea of a gradual linear direction of expansion. At one end you have the surface level (most limited concept of self) and at the highest you have the daemonic level, which seems to be the most abstract.

Don Webb’s description of these levels is quite extraordinary and intellectual in scope. But I’m left with even more questions, as special terminology, or hidden meaning is obviously injected into the descriptions.

In some cases I couldn’t find adequate citations from other LHP authors to explain concepts, such as the enneagram. I also felt my investigation into Temple of Set sources on this subject that many initiates themselves were “in the dark,” so to speak.

Many initiates still, seem to even disavow metaphysical or nonnatural manifestation. There’s a whole undercurrent of LHP occultists who are called the “atheist LHP” worker. That’s so odd to me.

Even those who follow the LHP with a notion of metaphysical manifestation, those still tend to over intellectualize the spiritual frameworks till nothing is “felt,” and everything confirmed must be drilled down to this dryness of over intellect.

My theory is that the lack of personal experience from those who feel the metaphysical is not real, is due to this over intellectualizing and pondering (rather than doing workings with an open mind.)

We must always investigate, and often investigation takes the form of getting out and doing the work, as though the work will produce a result. Without phenomena it’s quite difficult to believe in any of this material. The phenomenal world (metaphysical) is what shows the nature of “reality” to be less real than we think it is.

So while I respect the work of Don Webb, I’m not sure I agree entirely with his positions on the four levels of self. I certainly learned a lot, and I felt he’s right in many regards. The levels of the Daemonic and Core left me feeling out of touch with his premise. I’m still not sure I understand these levels of self.

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