A historical story of Cortez is that after landing in what is today Mexico, his soldiers showed signs of weakness. Distraught with the conflict with the Aztecs, some of his men drew up plans for a coup. Rising up the men could retake the ships and flee to Cuba. Knowing that the ships gave his men a hope that was outside the scope of the conquest, he ordered the ships moored and destroyed. After that, there was no going back.

The story of Cortez’ ships is what Sun Tzu would have called an act of Death Ground. It is the act of being placed (or placing oneself) in a situation with no return. The aspirant can only move forward, and this situation Sun Tzu felt offered the greatest potential to his warriors.

A warrior placed with their back against a rock wall can only fight forward. This is the Death Ground.

From the spiritual perspective, an aspirant (such as myself) has moments of weakness. Moments of slacking off, or becoming discouraged. Momentum is lost as the newness of a path wears off.

It’s those moments of Death Ground that spark motivation. We become ill, we have monetary need or some tragedy befalls. At that moment the aspirant pushes forward attempting to solve these issues but if they are too much to bare, the spiritual path becomes the only choice left.

What should be the first choice, in human weakness, becomes the last.

The road to overcome limitation is hard. When in a state of mediocrity a person can put themselves in a state or situation where the spiritual must be first and foremost. This decision is up to the individual. It’s not something comfortable, and perhaps we can’t do it ourselves, but we can ask the deity or spiritual path we serve to bring us back to fruition. Be open to change, be open to whatever may develop.

It is in that state of change, from distraction into hopelessness, that the enveloping darkness pulls us forward into the driving spiritual force once again.

To that end, I felt this song embodied the feelings I’m trying to convey…..

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