Author, and lecturer Paul Fredric has a wonderful podcast called Daimonosophy. In Episode 16 (“Design for Divinity”) he discusses our inherent nature and its achievement along the left-land-path. Listen below:


  • Key is in the Remembering
  • We were designed for individuality, freedom and immortality
  • Isolate mind is the rational mind
  • We for judgements by logic and reason (using the rational mind)
  • Abrahamic systems implore force to fit the individual into a design for group thinking
  • We have a natural right to claim our psyche and body as our property
  • This isolate intelligence is the Gift of Set
  • We were designed with purpose to be what we are
  • Victor Frankl: Wrote his thesis during his internment at a Nazi camp
  • Victor Frankl: took ownership of his situation, and chose to continue
  • The Psyche is designed to look into the past and into the future
  • MindStar: Ba may lose awareness of self, the Ka remains immortally finite – it becomes the individually identifiable identity beyond death
  • MindStar: Is the Ba/Ka a process that one learns? No, we possess it already by evidence of the same consciousness that is with us already
  • Fire: different orders of life are able to process different energies. There is a fire found within humans and animals (life force.) “Arkte” (I need to look this up, I don’t know what this means.)
  • Fire: Heavenly fire (electricity)
  • Ordinary Fire: our normal fire
  • Cosmic Fire: Super-substantial Fire (Fire of the original creation) – a “red flame” (talked about in the statement of Leviathan, another concept I don’t know)
  • Black Flame: The fire that guides us to truth
  • Fire consumes something, and nourishes things. It is the Black Flame that guides and natures our spiritual growth – guiding our GNOSIS.
  • Only “man” can consume the Black Flame, to digest it and order into its life a higher state of being
  • Exercise: Breath in “I” Exhale out “AM”
  • “Zaruthustra” [spelling?] speaks to the I AM concept before we were born – that our being here is a choice
  • By remembering that pre-state of intention we had before we were even born, we open up to a special energy that we can integrate into our being “of what we have been endowed with by Set.”
  • Why are we interested in Xeper? Because we were designed for it.


As I haven’t yet joined the Temple of Set, my understanding of some of the terminology here is missing. The word “Arkte” (spelling?) is not understood by me…

That said, I enjoyed this lecture as it relates to the goal of someone on the left-hand-path. Often the goals are lost into some sensational system (get more, have fun, party hard.) Those type of goals don’t really interest me… and I’ve found in my search of what the left-hand-path is about, that the Theistic version of the LHP tends to have deeper (more profound) goals. Goals about living a depth of life, goals about becoming something greater… unifying the levels/layers of self… or becoming a true isolate individual that when death comes, they exist on a path of godhood or apotheosis. Obviously my statement combines the goals of several different systems, but each of those are on a theistic approach to the LHP.

In this podcast the idea of becoming, and being are discussed through the ideas of I AM, and one’s pre-state. This is further drilled down into the idea of the Black Flame – the guide towards personal Gnosis.

I’m not sure of what the path of remembering is, but it sounds like this is a key matter in the Temple of Set paradigm. I need to research that concept more.

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