In wanting to keep up with a summary of views and ideas, I thought it would be prudent to do a monthly summarization of my views. As this is heavy towards personal bias, this is written here for my own benefit.

As 2020 started, I had some personal gnosis in regards to my views on Light and Darkness. Some of this was triggered with the reading of Liber Nigri Solis… and while that is someone’s work, I didn’t take it as my path, but rather as inspirational writing. I hadn’t finished the work, but did get through the first half of it.

In pondering the anonymous author of the work, I began to delve into my own investigation of the same subject matter, which led to a series of ideas:

  • The Black Sun is a great metaphor for that which blots out Light. It is that element within my life that obscures the Light, so that I might make decisions without interference of dogma and rigidity of others.
  • Light to me, is a nefarious thing. Light is often seen as “good” and Darkness as “bad.” This understanding in the profane world is commonly related to the nature of physical light and darkness. One illuminates structure, allowing for the avoidance of problems and pitfalls. The other is a pit of darkness from which any nefarious thing might appear. Yet I came to ponder that the spiritual world revolves on a different axis. Light is a defining aspect. It is the spiritual gnosis of another, thrust upon and overlaid upon the will of others. It is the scientist stating, “there is no soul,” or the occultist who proclaims “one must banish, one must meditate this specific way, one must do the following regimen.” All of that is Light, in that it solidifies ideas. It doesn’t allow for interpretation or creation. It presents reality, so that one needn’t do anything but work with what is made manifest. Spiritual Darkness on the other hand is the void from which anything can manifest. It is through Darkness that Individuality and personal gnosis is formed.
  • The two ideas above synthesize a third: that the Black Sun is that being or mechanism, which filters out the Light of projection (the “truth of another”) and in the space of Darkness I can find my own truth.

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