When I first was getting into the study of the left-hand-path, I read the work, Uncle Setnakts Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path. It was a well written introduction to the Temple of Set (and left-hand path) by Mr. Don Webb.

I sat in the silence of my meditation chamber and did a magic working: Expressing my intention for guidance on this path, I sent that intent outwards… and it was in a podcast (KHPR radio) that I first heard about Don Webb’s book cited above. This work gave me the context to frame my views of the Temple of Set system.

Don Webb is a former High Priest of the Temple of Set. As such he has a deep background in the Temple as well as a depth in magic.

On a whim I wrote Mr. Webb and to my surprise he answered me… we have chatted off and on, and he’s given me so much great advice. As I read about him in the works of other Initiates (from their memoirs), it became clear that he was like this with everyone equally. Even those who left the Temple of Set, spoke highly of him.


Don Webb is also a published writer of fiction, a champion of people’s rights and someone who really has a good heart. Below you can find more information on him: