Even before I started down the left hand Path, a change had started in me regarding prayer. Prayer is the supplication of an outside force (usually a God) to intercede in a situation.

As time went on, I began to feel that instead of prayer, utilizing will was more appropriate. By this I mean that there is no thought of what to do, but a push of will to the situation with the strength of ones intent.

It can help to visualize the work in order to frame the extent of the will. An example might be to visualize a ball of light forming on the inhale… Forming within the chest, like a small sun. On the exhale the light expands to surround yourself, burning off any psychic webbing connected to you from others… Like burning off spider webs. Freeing one from such negative influence. In time the visuals can be dropped to just make this happen with will alone.

Come up with your own visuals to fit the need…. Empower the work with intent and belief .

Such work operates without words or prayer, supplication or even formal ritual.

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