In every place doubts may rise. Perhaps no more so than on the path of Isolate spirituality. Doubts within a group based religion, can be mitigated through the group itself. Within the teachings of Buddhism is the Initiatory statement to this effect, “I take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.” The Sangha providing refuge from doubt.

When traveling an Individual spiritual path doubts will rise, but unlike a group based ideology, here one usually has to deal with the work alone. A person (if lucky enough) may find a trusted advisor to gain some ideas on dealing with doubt.

Black Flame Immersion Advice

Doubts move through me like the tide. One week they come in, last awhile and then it pulls away. Are these moments tests?

I reached out to the host of Black Flame Immersion recently to discuss this topic. He was kind enough to give advice on doubts. He also described doubts as coming and going, but through a tapestry of “energy moving through you.”1

He explained his view to me that these moments or dry spells can be looked at as moments to embrace the dry spells and emptiness. This is about endurance and continuing through the process.

The barren wastes of doubt and nothingness can be thought to be the old psychological thoughts and forms expressing attempts to cull the Initiate back into sublimation. Endurance is the Keyword here and it is through endurance that old psychological mechanics are overcome.

“…it’s not a test, but an action, a moment in time to tighten the grip. Keep the hold.”

From the host of Black Flame Immersion


  1. Quoting the host of Black Flame Immersion

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