What exactly makes a writing false? Being in the IT world, a few weeks ago I got to sample a new Machine Learning algorithm. The dataset powering it was 6 gigs of textual content from online sources (news, wiki’s, etc.) I found that I was able to give it a bit of spiritual context, and it would write out about 3 or 4 unique paragraphs of text. The text would flow in a proper fashion and although it was not often correct, it was readable. That is to say, it might quote “Krishna” or some other spiritual character with fake quotes and it’s own generated storyline, but it was readable.

I sat and looked at the output and I realized I could interpret the statements output into a real spiritual context. In other words, even though the source of the material was falsely ascribed, it still had value as I added in value through my own interpretation.

In my past I’ve seen so-called mystical teachers or gurus who would ramble on for 30 minutes about seeming nonsense. On the surface he lacked clarity. Yet someone could come along and Ingest the words, Interpret the words (according to their own inner vocabulary) and Output their own ideas from this synthesis. I’ve seen students of such people produce magical result, even though the source material is suspicious. So it got me thinking:

A Smart person will look at the source of material, and if it deems the source as illegitimate, they will deem the material false.

A Wise person, however, will take the words and ingest them – giving proper meaning. A meaning that is internal and personal. In other words, personal gnosis. Irregardless if the source material is false or not, the Individual may achieve a personal gnosis from it.

This is rather like interpreting Tarot. Sure, there might be some Objective meaning of a card in sequence, but what does it feel like? Doesn’t the best personal message come through working with the symbols inwardly?

This process only works for writing that is open to interpretation. If an author writes things explicitly (like stereo instructions), then there is no room for personal Gnosis, nor interpretation.

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