My practice into Western Left-Hand Path traditions, started with the removal process. While I don’t want to step on anyone’s personal gnosis, I think this is without a doubt a requirement of the Left-Hand-Path.

Regardless of what flavor of the Western LHP we are talking bout, they all have a theme of individuality. This individuality can not rise up if there is a preloaded program or filter in place. Those filters, those programs that are running, are those forms of mental manipulation from the sources that raised us.

That mental program could be Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, or even Atheism. It is a mechanic by which you were instructed to view the world – you or I may have multiple programs running. Until these are dealt with, we can’t move forward.

I talk about this removal all the time. Below is an older article I wrote that discusses my personal removal of the old systems that held me down:

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