In the 18th century, the Japanese work titled “Hagakure” was written by Yamamoto Tsunetomo. Within that work was written a set of guidelines for the warrior class to follow. One of the more impactful quotes is in the opening, “The way of the Samurai is found in death.”

I find this an interesting in its historical context, as well as the insight of the way of death. Tsunetomo is certainly referring to physical death, demanding that the warriors be prepared to die on a battlefield.

This however can also be thought of as the proverbial death… that inner death of the infinitesimal aspects of life. The letting-go aspect of spirituality. The path of putting to death of our weaknesses, I believe to be a great aspect of the Left Hand Path.

It’s found in the ideologies of destroying the past influences, removing past faith, removing thought patterns that are no longer needed. These are all deaths. We die so many times. Parts of our nature are eliminated, leaving new space for new areas of growth.

This path is hard. There are times it feels impossible to do what is necessary. Some relationships are solidified into one’s identity that the very idea of removing it, seems to be a form of self destruction. Such hardships, when overcome, breathe new life into the unfolding nature of the aspirant’s Individuality.

I realize I say these things as though they are objective truths. I am biased here, but certainly I do believe these to be truths. They are reasonable, and logical.

Being yoked to another, to the degree of thinking and acting in ways contrary to our own nature, is a lack of Individuality. Some distractions need to be removed. What needs to stay or be obliterated is not up to me, or someone else to determine. It’s up to the individual in a sate of gnosis. In the sate of knowing.

Once knowing what to do, one must put it to practice, and therein is the hardest part of all. I’ve read pieces of the Hagakure over the years. I can’t attest that it’s something I’m in complete agreement with, but I admire the resolve of those who could practice the work. It’s an inspiration to the power of Will and the overcoming of weakness.

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