Mirroring can be a useful technique to appear similar to someone else, in order to gain their trust. Sales people often utilize this as a sales practice. This type of mirroring is not what I’m going to reference. Instead, the idea of mirroring discussed here is about reflecting the teachings of another as one’s own path.

I’m thinking of the first podcast in the Black Flame Immersion series, titled “Purpose.” This episode is the first episode of a chronological series.

The anonymous host refers to the problems with groups. “Devil worshipers,” as an example are a title often given to anyone who differs from orthodox religion. Terminology like that comes with baggage.

Satanic groups often appeal to atheists and / or political focused agencies. Regardless of their political standing being in alignment with myself or the host, the group titles of “Satanic,” appeal to a different current – a current devoid of spiritual practice.

A mirrored image of someone else’s ideas (even the host here) is not the goal and the host is very clear about that. His goal is for the listeners to find their own Self.

This is the starting point of the path, and it’s appropriate he raises it here.

In my personal path it started with wanting to know if the path of Darkness was for me. Open to the flow of guidance, I would sit before a blank slate… an empty altar with a single candle. In time my animosity to the influence upon began to rise up and I burst forward with antinomian force.

I thought at one time I would be a member of a specific order, or group – the Temple of Set. Along the way though, I discovered that my personal path was to detach from all influence, not just Christian. I let go of my Christian past, my oldest friendships and even my ideas of joining a group (such as the Temple of Set). For me, my path was one of Isolation and Personal Gnosis without the influence and direction of a leader, high priest and the like.

This is my bias. It is also the bias of the host of Black Flame Immersion, but it’s a solid point of reference. How can one be an Individual (which is a key factor of the Left Hand Path), if they are guided in theology, mythos, personal views and ritual?

If this resonates, consider listening to the entire episode, linked below:

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