As part of the Four-Fold-Wish, described in Don Webb’s work “Mysteries of the Temple of Set,” there is the wish to learn something new about myself that I didn’t know before.

What’s interesting is that I’ve come to recognize recently various behavior patterns of mine. This has come up in discussions several times, and I’ve started to see it myself. I tend to think that every concept should be considered to it’s outer boundaries…

For example, if I were to contemplate (and I did) Antinomianism, I would take the concept to its extremity and say, “oh my god that is just too crazy!”

On another occasion I was asking someone a question regarding one of Aquino’s works (“Black Magic”) where he talks about being in a non-reactive state of mind. I again assumed he meant a permanent state of mind where one never reacts. Again I went to the outer extreme.

This pattern I now recognize and while this logic has relevance in some situations, it often isn’t the correct approach to thinking about rational events or philosophies.

After acknowledging this, I received some advice on how to better change or switch up my thinking… as this extreme contemplation is so natural to me, it’s pretty unconscious (that is, I don’t think before it kicks off.) So I was advised to try and simple change in my day – to do things differently… like putting on a jacket the opposite sleeve first… or drive a different way to work – and to do this for 9 days.

By doing that, I noticed it caused me to be more aware of my actions and my thought process, which in turn helps me relate to the questions and ideas I’m vocalizing.

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