Don Webb authored a wonderful book called, “Mysteries of the Temple of Set.” The book is a collection of essays for those not yet affiliated, or a member of the Temple of Set.

One of these essay’s is called, “The Importance of Magical Practice” (found on page 11.) In that essay, Don Webb introduces the reader to a certain ritual or working to perform.

I won’t outline the working here, out of respect for the author, but would encourage anyone interested to check it out from the book linked above.

Basically, the use of candles of specific colors, along with intent of phrase, is used to manifest several things. These include:

  • Bringing in luck to the user
  • To learn something about one’s self, that was previously unknown
  • To learn something new in magic
  • That Uncle Setnekts book’s sell well 🙂

The aspirant is making a call to the depths of perfection, hidden and obscured… to release the four fold wish. For some, it may sound silly, but for me I felt it would be worth attempting.

A key factor here is to reach a state of non-thought (quiet mind.) If this can not first be done, then research into ways in which to quiet the mind (i.e. mindfulness.)

Why the candle ritual? Why do this? It’s a way to taste something, before getting too involved. Does this work? Did someone become more luckier? Did they get a free coffee? Or perhaps find some money? Did they get insights about their own nature, they didn’t know before? Where elements of magic revealed to them, that they learned on their own?

Magic and insight can be elements of personal programming… but being “lucky,” is not. There, in that element, something external (one’s world) is being modified.

If one’s world modifies to give back to the aspirant some sense of luck, then we have evidence that the aspirant can make changes to their environment, their world.

Manifestations of the Working

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