While I’m more about internal development, there are times where needs become a necessity. We all need to eat, have a house/apartment, etc. There was a time in my distant past, where I was laid off from a job. I was on a 6 month severance, which was coming to a close.

Prior to that, I had completed a 90 day operation, where I invoked Auriel/Uriel for 90 consecutive days. The result of which was a very strong bond between me and the energy being. The work therein, up to that moment, all internal work.

With my need for a job, one of the Adepts at the Golden Dawn group I was in, suggested I use my connection with Auriel to find a new job. They suggested I make a “pact.” The word “pact,” was unusual for a G.D. person to use. They explained that I should make an arrangement… do something for Auriel, in exchange for a job.

The Request

When I reached out to Auriel, it wasn’t in some elaborate ritual. I had done elaborate ritual earlier… now I was simply reaching out mentally, creating a dialogue. It felt like imagination, and the only way to prove it was real, was in the results… which I detail later on.

I asked Auriel for a job I’ve never held before. Up to that point in my life, I capped out at a salary of $73k. Many of my friends were making $100k, and I guess being a young stupid kid, I thought I should be like my friends… so I asked for a job that would give me a salary of $100k.

Auriel’s first words (in this internal dialogue) where, “you won’t like the job.” But I persisted. “This is what I want.” He agreed, and his fee…. it was simple: “Give 10% of your income to spiritual study.”

We agreed and so it began….

The Work

My part of the agreement was easy. I simply bought books, lessons and attended lectures. By spending 10% of my income on spiritual content, I was meeting a need I desired. This wasn’t a hard deal on my part.

The Result

I got a cold call one day from a manager from a corporation. On the phone he was obnoxious, rude, and an all around jerk. I was bullied on the phone! I thought, “no way would I take this position,” but I played along, being nice.

I kept interviewing but every other opportunity struck out. Finally, this manager called me back and wanted a face to face interview. I interviewed with 10 people, maybe more. The interviews were in sets of 2 or 3 people. Most of them were very nice. The last interview was with the manager… he was hostile, and demeaning.

To my surprise, he offered me a job. I was put on a contract to hire. My hourly rate was $54/hr I believe, and I was given health benefits. He told me, “don’t get used to this pay. You’ll either hired or fired at the end of the month.”

When the end of the month approached, he decided to hire me. As I was filling out the application, a wave of fear hit me… it asked where I graduated college from. Most jobs in my industry don’t care about formal education. But I couldn’t lose this job… so I lied. I put down that I graduated college… when, in reality, I never finished. This is key to the story.

The HR department told my manager that I failed the background check, and I explained to him, that I never graduated college… he and his director boss laughed it off, “neither did I! I don’t care about that. I’ll talk to HR, in the meantime we’ll renew your contract.”

Each month they fought with HR, and each month they lost. They kept renewing my contract month by month, then I got a 3 month renewal. As I neared my 9 month employment with the company, the director and Vice President of the division asked me if I really wanted to work there… in order to keep me as an employee, they would have to really fight hard for me.

I honestly hated the place. It was the worst job I ever worked. One employee threatened to murder our boss… our boss constantly screamed at people… his boss screamed at him… So when I was asked this, I decided to be honest and I told him, I’d rather leave at the end of the year.

They agreed and told me, “we’ve never had someone on contract this long…” My contract lasted 12 months and I moved on.

One day, I was thinking about it, and it dawned on me… Due to the fiasco over my education, my 12 month contract netted me over $115K that year. Auriel honored the deal, as did I.

To a naysayer, or atheist, I suppose they would say it’s just luck… or maybe it was NLP – programming myself on the subconscious level to achieve this… but so many random things had to happen. 1) I had to lie on an application about my education 2) the boss had to not care about the lie 3) the bosses had to really like, enough to break the rules and renew a contract for a full 12 months (which they told me was never done.)

Your Results

I don’t think someone should read that and try and do it as I did it. Look at the common themes here and recreated it in your own way. Do you have a figure in a pantheon that correlates to the Earth, to needs met? Work with them… not for a reason of money, but for internal change.

Spend months spending time with them… even if “nothing happens,” keep doing the work. A some point something should feel like a connection.

In a time of need, find a way to ask this being for help… or for advice… and see how it plays out for you.

Everyone’s gnosis is individual. But the above is my story.

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