Continuing with testing the emotional harvesting technique I’ve been working with, I had another bought of strong emotions yesterday evening. Rather than brood over things out of my control, I once again withdrew into the sensation of the emotion. Using the technique described below, I charged the energetic emotion removed with the goal of getting my mechanic to prepare my car quickly and correctly.

My mechanic quoted me a large sum, which the magic gave me for this car, and a long timeframe. Both he and the Honda garage said this job may take up to a week.

Now that the magic was cast out, I waited. My Will, Belief and Intent powered by a strong emotion that was removed for this work was sent out. Today I got a call from my mechanic… he finished up the car. He had his team work on the car so I could have it before Thanksgiving. I was more concerned I’d have it to go back to work.

So the car is ready ahead of schedule, just as the magic was intended. The mechanic can be paid with the money I got from a previous work of this magic.

I think a key point here is also the need has be something felt. I’m not sure this would work for some flippant need. It has to be a need that I believe can be accomplished, and a need I really want. The desire here was strong.

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