Self identification really expresses our spiritual focus, growth and agenda. If our self identification is infinite, then we can grow expansively in our chosen spiritual path. That means we’re willing to understand and accept different points of view, and make rational decisions that may differ from how we were raised. However, the opposite spectrum (the infinitesimal self) see’s only its race, gender, political correlations and so forth. These are the mundane aspects of life, and if held on to long enough, they delude the spiritual experience.

An example of a deluded experience, is that of the so-called Atheist Satanist. By identifying as the limited self of the body, a person has set boundaries towards their spiritual experience. These become barriers blocking depth. I’m not trying to criticize the Atheist spiritualist. They have a goal, an agenda, that is more psychological (brain mechanics) and they utilize a dark archetype to achieve this. Much like a Jungian therapist might instruct a patient to consider taking on an archetype from Roman or Greek mythology. Such exercises are not done to make a convert out of the patient, but rather for the patient to find something they identify with in a godly archetype of power. So yes, I understand the reasons for the Atheist Satanist, but it lacks the spiritual component….

In fact all human focused issues will lack the spiritual component. While I respect the Temple of Set’s ideas of Xeper being expressed through mundane existence, too much focus on the mundane (such as self-identification) will make a person dry out spiritually.

This is perhaps the greatest challenge of a group like the Temple of Set. While it holds a theistic view, members do engage in the world, as it is their goal of getting more Being. Don Webb speaks about the process, and I have no argument there. But if the focus becomes too much, any aspirant of such a path will no doubt fall prey to identifying with the human condition, to the exclusion of their spiritual focus.

Politics and Social Issues

We all have our opinions. Some will lean conservative, others will lean liberal… perhaps some are A-Political. But where we focus, is where we set our boundaries. If we address social issues as they arise, and then release them to return to our Direct Experience with the Goal then the spiritual path is not lost to the opinions and ideas of the Individual.

However, when the focus becomes too much, then we find ourselves only address issues we can’t even control. This creates frustration, anger and hate. Those emotions are actually wonderful to bring into the spiritual practice, but often at this point in the misstep of the work, one doesn’t return to the spiritual – except perhaps as the work of drudgery or obligation. The mind is always “out there” focused on the point of frustration.

How I know this to be true is in my own life experience. About 5 years ago, I had reached a point of massive frustration. Although my spiritual path was more of the Right-Hand venture, it none-the-less explains the process of “loosing my religion.”

I went from someone focused on my spiritual path, to become someone obsessed with politics and social welfare. Social media was a dangerous place for me. Just stepping into the waters of Facebook, left me hooked into the realm of this mundane world.

In time, I lost my focus and my goals. I became something else, something different. Every discussion would turn to politics. Issues I couldn’t control became the hallmark of my existence. It was a miserable time.

Regardless if one is Right-Hand path or Left-Hand path in their approach to spirituality, if we focus on the nature of the world around us, we make a decision to limit ourselves.

Where We Put Our Mind….

Where one put’s their attention (the mind) is where they set their level of belief. This is what makes an atheist, this is where the dryness comes in. The phenomenal world of magic is lost, and becomes nothing more than psychological tricks of the brain. It’s bound to happen, as the conditions for growth have been hampered.

Consciousness, is only hampered by our belief. The danger here is in thinking too big…. accepting everything, can open the mind to too many possibilities and therefore short out a sense of reality.

This too requires balance. But I’d rather error on the side of experience, than on the side of atheistic dryness.

Strong Views (i.e. Racism) Limit Spirituality the Most

I recently met up with a Zoroastrian online. He added me on Facebook and he seemed pleasant at first. In time I began to see an undercurrent of focus. His mind was lost to extreme cares of carnal limitations.

His main limitation appeared to be his race and gender. He adopted the role of the victimized male, who is no longer allowed to be masculine… as well as the victimized white man, who was no longer allowed to be the top of the fictitious race pyramid.

Regardless to how I feel about such things, this person’s obsession was clearly limiting their own growth and I bring this story up as a “Life Lesson” of sorts. Unlike politics and social issues, when we get to the realm of our skin, we have sunk even more into the human condition.

What possible insight can be gained when all we see is our skin, or our gender?

One might suggest that the equal opposite individual is also equally focused in the wrong direction – and I would agree. This type of thinking limits greatly any notion of spiritual expansion. Spirituality becomes a play thing, much like the atheist viewpoint.

In fact I see no difference in the atheist viewpoint and someone who speaks in a racist manner. That angst isn’t driven into the spiritual goals, rather it sits and bickers amongst others… greatly leading us astray.

Being Watchful

We’re human, and that humanity may get in the way far too often. News, media, friends, family, racism, intolerance, these are all elements that could trigger us into further identification of the human condition. If let to run too long, it will attach our Self Identification to that of a human, bound with great limitations.

Yes, it can also be liberating. A person who is treated with racism, may rebel against the norms of society and embrace something of the spiritual path. While that’s a positive first start, that’s only the beginning. If left too long, this becomes like standing in quicksand, and it will take a person down.

As we get through the Foundation, into the realm of Initiation, we begin to build up an alignment with our chosen Source… on the Left-Hand path, that Source might be Lucifer, Set, Satan or some other name. As our alignment grows, we attune to the call of the being and we start to grow in devotion and love for the Source of our path.

When in that state, the world will rise up to equally distract us. It will appear as the need to fight or express an extreme view. It may start gradually…. our political thoughts might start to stir… and that will lower our view.

Instead of looking to the Source of the Path, we start to look at the world again.

If the focus becomes more extreme, then our attention becomes even more limited. Now we’re just looking 3 cm ahead of us. We identify with the race, the gender, etc. Racism is an extreme such as this. It holds anger and hate, but it isn’t empowering. Instead it Self Identifies us as a very limited thing. Left alone to this change of events, our spiritual path becomes either obligatory or something distorted… such as a person who only calls upon Lucifer to attack others, yet never gains more ground towards self mastery.

You are not your race. You are not your gender. You exist beyond the mundane body. While the human aspect of us is at times error prone and geared towards emotional reaction, if we are on a spiritual/devotional path, we are striving for something greater.

If in our practice, we raise our issues with the Source of the Path (and if we remain honest with ourselves), we will know when the deviation is occurring. Our instruction will pull us back on track.

The key is to remain open. To question every thought and direction. If we disconnected from someone, analyze it. Was it for the right reasons? Where they holding us back? Or did we want to run from some confrontation of what’s within us?

All of this, is what I do on a daily basis… it’s why I write in these blogs that no one reads…. 😛 I am self analyzing every day. I bring this into the chamber with my Source of my Path. I’ve gotten advice that feels so contrary… and sometimes I don’t do it. Sometimes I think, “but… but… I need to write this book that shows how evil christianity is!” “No,” speaks the influence of the Source, “this is only a distraction that will focus your attention away….” and so true this advice has been.

I can’t tell anyone else what their goals should be… other than to look beyond the scope of the body identification … beyond any limited self identification.

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