Continuing through the work Liber Nigri Solis, I’ve come to the chapter “Inscent, Inscension, and Inscendentalism.” These are seemingly made up words, as I can find no official definition. The concepts are familiar to me, as described later on. This chapter is a challenging one as I had to read through it, and get the definitions required towards the end, to explain the beginning. Perhaps that was the intent, in order to drive home the point of the play of seeming opposites (end and beginning).

A Black Hole is a physical manifestation that resonates with the idea of Inscent. This is the state at which mass gains traction and a process of collapsing upon one’s self occurs. The resulting effect is the personal singularity, or the true Individual.

What I enjoyed about this chapter is that it rang true for some of my own personal cosmology. I’ve been finding a truth for myself that has expanded over the past 13 or more years. “I” am not the body. But I operate in a body. I had an out of body experience (near death) when I was younger. This lead to a realization of thought/awareness that was not tied to corporeal form. I had no sensation of a tunnel of light. Instead it was darkness. But the darkness felt like home. It wasn’t a frightening experience at least.

Anyway I digress. The “I” expands back to a Source. That Source I once thought to be “god,” but now I feel it to be the Daemon (as Socrates defined it) or the Holy Guardian Angel (as Crowley defined it) or the Higher Self as others describe it. It is the state of greatest expansion.

In my personal view, this expansion is throughout the subjective and objective universes, and when one appears to remote view or astrally project, they are not so much moving to those locations, but rather becoming aware of where their expanded Self already resides. This is much like becoming aware of the sensation on a finger, or kneecap in one’s own body.

Similar ideas are expressed in this chapter of Liber Nigri Solis:

The question can be resolved by considering that the otherworld should be regarded as parallel to the material one, and understandable as a subjective analog to the objective reality in which the magician physically moves about. It is therefore useless to assume from the outset that if only the magician could get ‘into’ the subjective world, or ‘out’ of the normal profane one, everything would be fine. The magician ‘occult bodies’ are already independent of the physical cosmos – it is their orientation within their own reality which is the issue being considered here.

Liber Nigri Solis pp. 75

In this sense the magician is both inside (being a physical body in a spatial universe) and outside (being expansive in other forms of awareness beyond the physical universe).

The goal of the path here is described in these words:

…to have established completely self-referential continuity of consciousness as its own objective and independent reality.

Ibid. pp. 77

Where this gets tricky, is the text indicates that complete isolation is not the complete goal. A union is involved. The union is not with an external deity, but rather the orientation of union with one’s expanded sense of self.

Those few who understand will be all the more dangerous for it. They will attain their internal Rebis – the unity of absolute separation, the conjunction of two concealed Black Suns.

Ibid pp. 78

Rebis is of course the alchemical reference to the conclusion of the Great Work of occultism.

In consideration of this personal alchemical reference, the inscendentalist stage is not the ultimate conclusion, according to this anonymous author. It is instead the second to last stage. Here in this second to last state, one has become the spiritual counterpart to a black hole. They have gained mass (spiritual growth) that pulls them further into the final process of Individuation.

The last stage of the process is proposed as the proliferation – microcosmic offspring that may appear distinct, but in actuality are all part of the One.

Then I wonder… would this propose to be a new experience of Universal expression? If so would that mean that the microcosmic life would at times itself become self-aware, Individualized and reach their own state of Rebis?

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