I first heard this man in an interview on KHPR (Voice of Darkness Radio) podcast (linked below.) The speaker, James Carman Kirby, was talking about his art. In the interview he talked about his art using wood, stone and metal. He also discussed the nature of art and the occult, which inspired me as an artist.

Even more impressive was his voice. In his voice I could hear so much of his power. He seemed like someone who really was who he wanted to be.

After I go home (listening in the car), I tried to find his artwork. The site he used to have is now an internet marketing site. Odd. I tried his etsy site… but his online store was empty. That’s when I started to grow concerned. Intuitively I felt he must have passed… but he’s so young… I didn’t want to believe it… and then read that he did pass on Oct 31, 2017.

This trailer above, inspires me every time I hear it. Listen to the words and the power they are spoken with:

“All your magic is about changing you. All black magic is about changing himself , herself. You’re not doing this to change other people. The better you become the better your world becomes…. to me that’s what the left-hand-path is about, the examined life.”

– James Carman Kirby

KHPR Interview

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