The first occult organization I joined, was in Los Angeles (around 2005.) It was a Golden Dawn group called the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn (which, following their own history, self destructed), and while the leadership had some significant problems, the members I knew were very versed in magic. By magic, I refer to not only self-improvement, but also phenomenon (visuals, manifestations, etc.)

After leaving the order, I thought I’d join another, and another and another… and what I found is that most people didn’t have these experiences.

By magic, I’m not referring to the small scale stuff like “using NLP I can now take a shower without the fear.” While that has surprising impact of growth, that is akin to therapy and not magic. Yes, Jung was a mystic and a therapist… and so magic can be used in therapy, but I believe it’s much more valuable.

Just like a screwdriver can be used as a hammer, it has amazing more usefulness when used as a screwdriver. So too, magic being thought only as creative expression to create change in conformity with will is on the lower end of the sliding scale of magical manifestation.

The Spectrum of Magic

After leaving the Golden Dawn I came to initiate into a magical order themed after Thelema (not the OTO, which isn’t a magical order), in fact I joined two of them at the time, one being the A.’.A.’. (no, not alcoholics anonymous – but rather the astrum argentum.) It was run by a very stable and wonderful man. He was a psychiatrist, and this influenced his result.

Visiting him one time, we had some discussions about “unhinged” people who flock to occult organizations. It’s true. I’ve seen the oddball person who walks in with bells literally hanging off their garments, strutting into a occult gathering, throwing back their hair – all with the whiff of “Look at Me!” Then they proceed to tell everyone, “I’m the reincarnation of [insert some famous person or occultist of the past].” Sometimes these odd ones become more than just ego driven oddities… they can become needful of attention to the degree of stalkers.

That oddball has experiences. You may not accept those experiences as real, but they have them non the less. Some people are not this extreme, but they believe everything is a manifestation of the nonnatural. These types might see their phone battery drain and assume it’s the work of a spirit. These are harmless souls who live in a world of mystery.

On the other end of this spectrum is the dry as dust magician who has no place for the spiritual. They don’t even believe in magic, at least not magic in the traditional sense. This has become the common form of magic today.

The Thelemite

The Thelemite leader that was a psychiatrist, never spoke to me of anything out of the ordinary. Nothing nonnatural. While in his care of teaching, I had access to diaries of students under Crowley – and in them I found again this lack of phenomenal experience.

Mixing with more Thelemite magicians, it became clear that magic to them was simply, “change in conformity with will.” While that is true, it can also include the most mundane acts…. thinking like this, the plumber fixing your drain is a magician, the politician who wins an election is a magician… the artist is a magician….

If everyone is a magician (changing things in conformity with will) then what do we call the fellow who remote influences a hostage situation with the power of their mind? What do we call the occultist who summons a being to visual manifestation as a glowing ball of light encircling them? You can’t seriously equate the artist and this at the same scale.

Don Webb on Walt Disney

I really enjoy listening to Don Webb, and this in no way is meant as a criticism of the man. His writing, lectures and public talks are really impressive. He’s a smart, intellectual who can relate concepts in very deep and profound ways.

An interview with Don Webb (linked below) – about modern magic today is linked below.

KHPR Interview with Don Webb [link]

The host and Mr. Webb agree that one of the greatest mages of our time is that of Walt Disney. By not only creating an empire, Disney also was able to create emotional changes in a large, global scale through animation.

I found disharmony with this sentiment. My feeling is, that if this is an example of great magic, what do we call a nonnatural event? It seems to shift the power of the magical operation to something quite mundane.

Order of the Serpent

While investigating the Left Hand Path, I came across a forum called “The Order of the Serpent.” This is a safe place for LHP people to talk openly from their different perspectives. I highly recommend it, as it is absent the anger and angst seen in other such forums.

On their forums, I saw a post titled, “Do you believe in spirits?” The author was asking about external phenomena. To my surprise, I’d say 50% or more of the responses were “no.”

What’s the point of being an occultist who doesn’t believe in spirit phenomena…? Isn’t that like a doctor not believing in concepts like blood circulation?

Another thread linked out to some posts by Michael Aquino (Founder of the Temple of Set.) In that other forum (600c), Aquino was reacting to the so-called atheist satanist who believed in nothing external.

Pat Zalewski Golden Dawn

Back in the Golden Dawn days, I was struggling with issues I had with the leader of the group I was in. I had heard of a very sane and safe leader named Pat Zalewski. I read a book or two that he had authored and I found him rather interesting.

However, when I looked at his online presence (at the time), he seemed to mock ideas of spirit communication and any real sense of magic. I responded to him, and got the message loud and clear that he doesn’t really believe in the “secret chiefs” of the Golden Dawn… and by extension, he didn’t really seem to accept much of anything.

Examples of Magic in My Life

Magic does exist, and it can manifest just like the stories of old. It isn’t common for something to happen at one’s beck and call, just like it isn’t common to walk into a forrest, sit on a log and see a doe watching you 15 feet away. It might happen, once in awhile, but when it doesn’t happen that doesn’t mean the doe doesn’t exist.

Magic operates in ways I can’t explain. It happens, but not like a science experiment. It’s more like a way of opening a door or window. What’s on the other side might show up, or might not. When it doesn’t, you work on it again and again. Success comes with practice.

Below are some examples of magic workings I’ve done to a success. In some cases, I had witnesses to the work.

  • Summoning a Spirit to Visible Appearance. No witnesses.
  • Remote influencing a situation of a kidnapping, to aid in the release of the victim. Verified by witnesses.
  • Group spirit communication that foretold the emotional state of someone not present. Verified by witnesses.
  • Group spirit communication work that manifested audibly through a radio. Verified by witnesses.
  • Using magic to switch careers into a specific pay range. Verified.
  • Using magic to remove a negative, sexual harasser who was protected by the HR team of a fortune 500 company. Verified by the situation.
  • Energy work, culminating with a visual of a manifested being – extremely clear. No witnesses.
  • Fixing a broken garage door with magic alone. Verified by witnesses.

The list above isn’t intended to boast, it’s intended to inspire. If I can do these things, so can anyone else.

Magic works most effectively by releasing one’s barriers of disbelief. It is a very subtle energy and requires belief with intent. A balance is required. You trust the work, you believe the work, you have a strong intent.

The modernist has given up, and in the lack of experience, magic is redefined as meaning any change in conformity to will…. but it can be more than self improvement…. it can be profound.

But in order to move forward with magic – in order to get a result or a manifestation, we must let go of distrust. The fear perhaps is becoming those unhinged people who see bigfoot in their backyards… but this can be countered with rationality. During the magic operation, you believe it’s possible… you have a strong intent to express with your will. Afterwards, then can you rationally examine what occurred. Write it down and return to the process again and again.

I talk more on this subject of breaking the barriers to magical manifestation in the article linked below, “causing an effect”:

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