As I drilled into the Left Hand Path philosophy, I continued to see a repeated isolation concept. A concept of seeking an extreme singular reference: the total individual. As I got deeper into this, I felt a sense of frustration towards any type of unity.

While Left Hand Path groups do form groups, there is a oddity that this structure is allowed, but other forms of unity are discouraged. Consider the following quote from the book “Lords of the Left Hand Path,” by Dr. Stephen Flowers:

It is quite understandable why the forces of orthodox Christianity fought every advance in  scientific, political, or religious philosophy, for each advance in spiritual  freedom and enforcement of the interests of plurality over unity is indeed a  victory for the Prince of Darkness—the principle of isolate intelligence — over the monolithic, singular force of the rule of God.

Lords of the Left Hand Path,” Dr. Stephen Flowers

The key phrase I want to focus on, is the words “plurality over unity.” This, a victory, to Dr. Flowers is perhaps a key to understanding his own misinformation on other spiritual paths (like Buddhism.) I get it now.

A Lack of Understanding

Dr. Flowers, and others, are relying upon academia to understand everything else. In other words, they do not “become” a path, or even try and “see through the eyes of another,” to understand it. This would be a unity, rather than plurality and it appears this is the forbidden fruit of the LHP.

The problem with academia, is that one looks from the proverbial “ivory tower,” at something strange and different. They collect data, as one might observe an ant and detail its movements. But they lack proper reference.

This is how one mistakenly thinks a Buddhist seeks annihilation. An error, which I discuss in a different post.

What if I chose that methodology to attempt to understand the Temple of Set or the LHP?

What if I did the same? I would ask academia, “what are ‘satanists’ who are those that affirm the left hand path?” I’m sure some unfriendly psychiatrist in a college setting would give me an earful about “self-delusion” and “broken lives.” But they too would lack reference, due to a lack of Unity.

Unity is the requirement to understand others.

Merging vs. Union

Ultimately I think we’re all splitting hairs on verbiage. As I read also in “Lords of the Left Hand Path,” Dr. Flowers notes the Hindu Left Hand Path to make a distinction between merging and union:

In a left-hand-path context, the aghori sage Vimalananda relates that the  aim of kundalini yoga is to reunite Shiva and Shakti, in order to re-create  Shiva in his eternal form (as Sadashiva): “Sadashiva’s left side is female  and right side is male; the two principles have united but have not merged.  

If they were to merge that would be the end of the play [lila], and that  would be no fun at all.”⁵⁶ Here it should be carefully noted that Vimalananda subtly distinguishes between union and merger. 

His ultimate  reason for wanting to avoid a merger of the two principles hinges on the  pleasure he would lose if this were to occur. 


I contend that this is the common thread in almost all philosophies that seek Union. By becoming a LHP initiate (in acceptance to the philosophy), I allowed myself to listen with an OPEN mind and NOT restrict anything based on my barriers.

Those elements I find I’m in disagreement with, are later analyzed, in order to come up with my own ideas (LIKE THIS POST.)

In other words, I enter into a state of Union (not merging), and then when done I retract back to my identity to digest it and form my own views.

Unless people can attempt unification of the “other,” they will always lack in their ability to understand. This is perhaps why Crowley wrote as the goddess Nuit, “I am divided for Love’s sake, for perchance of union.”

Lacking unity we get a polarized society (such as our political spectrum today.) No one wants to see through the eyes of the other. Instead they root themselves in a duality, a plurality and say, “I’m right, they’re wrong.”

This is the source of racism, bigotry and other oppressions.

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