As I started on the Left Hand Path of spirituality last year, I initially came across many LHP practitioners that espouse a political and social view of Life, Liberty and Personal Responsibility. I think those ideals are in fact true. There is a Liberty to be had with the left hand path… there is a form of personal responsibility (as opposed to allowing another being to take our punishment for us).

Yet there’s another issue of Power. Esoteric Power can be found in the spiritual gathering of forces… the forces that identify one as a true Individual. Another power is in how we relate to this world. Sometimes we have to relate to other beings… and sometimes those beings are frustrating.

In such cases, Power can be achieved through the manipulation of the negative force opposing us…. and sometimes we can win. Certainly, in all situations (whether we win or not) we can adjust the odds in our favor.

Magic can perhaps be a mechanism of this change. But even more direct, we can change the way we relate with others… becoming devious, changing and managing personalities to meet the need at the moment.

This type of work becomes controversial, as it involves the suppression of another’s liberty in favor of our own. I’ve struggled with this idea as well. Where is the ethical boundary? Is it right for me to pretend I’m something I’m not, in order to gain the support of a manager? I think so.

Conflict changes things. In real life there’s no perfect win. At times for our ascension over a situation, we must bring the enemy under foot.

This may start sounding like a political or social activist way of facing life… perhaps, but that’s not my message. I’m saying, that sometimes when we meet enemies we must trod them under. This is done by either directly confronting them, or more likely through strategic psychology and manipulation.

Power and Liberty. Sometimes Liberty for the Individual will require the overtaking of the enemy. I think this distinction is important to make, because the idea of “Liberty for all” can come across as the christian idea of turning the other cheek…

We can not become slaves of others. We can not allow others to abuse. We must rise up to confront adversity, for our own sake. Liberty for the Individual and fuck the enemy.

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