This quote “Life is Suffering,” is often attributed to Buddhism and I find some great truism in it. Life has a suffering aspect. Certainly it’s a grind. There’s really no “win” in this life. While some gather possessions and income and breed future generations, many find towards the end, no lasting comfort in the life they lived.

Others cling to an insurance policy against perceived hell, opting to align with a savior. This response, perhaps a bit greater than the indulgence in money and power, has some idea of a life after the physical life. But its effort is wasted on an external force to “save” them, and therefore they offer no effort of their own. Without self effort, no one can achieve anything of value. This type of spirituality is as lost as the atheist.

The magician (whether Right or Left Hand) should be aware of a truth beyond the world of formation. Magic, energy, is able to construct a result for a need or desire. The trap here, is that sometimes the magician who gets skilled enough to manifest a result in this world, will simply sit in complacency. Manifestation after manifestation they ride out all the negativities of life. Some people operate this type of magic without knowing it. Sometimes they appear as the happy person, who is content with the world they live in. As they get older and death is more of a certainty, goals may start to change.

Magic is real. It can get provide for needs but the best use of magic IMO, is in the establishment of truth. Finding truth. Finding and meeting people who can offer suggestions or advice. Using magic to bridge the gap in one’s resolve, or aid in pushing through hard times.

That suffering nature of life is useful also. If I enjoyed life I certainly wouldn’t be focused on the spiritual path. I’d be like so many others, enjoying time off and living up the good times. For me there are very few good times. Financial stress, political upheaval, emotional frustrations…. that’s what the world gives me. That pressure is the focus of the spiritual path for me.

I guess what I’m getting at, is that life sucks. I need to embrace that. Right now life sucks. Right now I need to accept that. That awful nature of life is what drives the push to accumulate spiritual mass (rather than mundane mass). Instead of getting more stuff of the world, it’s a focus to gain spiritual growth into the path of the Supreme Individual.

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