From an ideological standpoint, Light (to my bias) is a reference to definitive “facts” or statements, thrust upon others. Light is usually not contained to an individual and such ideological aspects of Light become intrusive and dogmatic. From the ideological perspective, one could argue that Light is seeking Oneness… to convert all others to one view.

This intrusive and parasitic aspect of light is the ideological view. From a perspective of magic and practice, Light can be useful for the very same reasons.


Every day I put barriers around my family. I drop my son off at school and I mentally put up a barrier around him. At night I put up barriers around him, my daughters and my wife… then our house. On my drive to work, I raise a barrier around my car before I get on the freeway.

These barriers I construct are visualized solid shapes of Light. I inhale, drawing up a thin line of light from the base of the person, up above their head, and then visualize the shape forming a base below them, and extending harsh edges of light to form the barrier around their personal space. Sometimes I visualize I am them, in their body, constructing the Light barrier around them.

I don’t tell them I do this. I just do it. I do this every day for my kids, my wife and myself.

Why Light?

While I’m hostile to the idea of an ideology or another’s truth, being taken for my own, Light does have one advantage. The unwavering aspect of light makes it useful for barriers. It is a statement. It takes my intent of “none shall harm” and projects it around the person or object. This statement is not subject to personal opinion, and it is expressive (outwardly so).

Magic like this is making use of a visualized image as an extension of Will (and therefore Will alone), yet the role of Light works well in facilitating this Will. I think all beings with sight can understand the permeating aspect of Light. It fills a room, a building, a world. It doesn’t waiver and doesn’t allow for individual opinion or ideas. In my view, this makes it a great carrier for the visualized magical barrier.


From an ideological view, Light is the enemy of personal gnosis and self study. Light is some external idea blanketed upon everyone. From this perspective, Light is always unwavering and permeating. Unlike the physical world, the ideological world is filled with different types of Light. One light is a Christian, another a pagan, another a scientist. Each has their hardened views of the life and thrusts it upon the others. This light doesn’t mix well, and acts more like the barriers described above.

Like an act of magic, Light in this regards of ideas is thrust out with Willpower. This becomes intrusive and abusive.

Why Darkness?

Darkness feels receptive. It allows things in. It conceals and from within Darkness anything can manifest. In the Tao Te Ching it reads, “Darkness within Darkness, the Gateway to all Understanding.”

Personal Gnosis (in my opinion) is found through Darkness. Light will not allow for a different opinion or Self diagnosis. It is Darkness that makes allowances for the Quest of Self.

With Darkness one can create their own path, towards their own goals.

Darkness & Light

For me, Darkness is the spiritual path. Without Darkness I would be following someone else’s path/gnosis/views. Which I’ve done for many years. There’s an allure to Light… you get to work less. It’s not as hard. Someone tells us what to think, how the world works and we obey. But that isn’t spiritual growth.

Spiritual growth, for me at least, is in the discovery of personal Truth. Even if my personal Truth (or Gnosis) aligns with someone else’s teachings, it is only made valid in my personal work… my discoveries.

To accept the work of another as my path, is too forego the work entirely.

When dealing with Intent and Magic, there are times when the goal is too thrust one’s Will into a situation. To build a barrier, or launch a change. In such cases, the visual of Light being utilized works, as it is an intrusive, permeating force. It doesn’t allow for the views of others.

This is especially useful when you want to protect something.

Yet the focus on Light (meaning dogma, teachings of another, group leadership’s goals and so on) will take one off the path of Self Awareness… Gnosis and Personal Truth. That would be a bad situation, as it’s a complete setback. For me, I’ve done this many times throughout my life. I start to waiver, thinking, “am I doing this right?” Next thing I know I’m looking for a “truth out there.” That “out there” sentiment becomes someone’s teachings, someone’s views.

The teachings of others may work to create an effect, but they will fail to bring about inner change towards Individuality. Any teaching from another, that becomes one’s path, is without inward change as it has a missing element: Personal Work.

While visualized Light can be useful in magic, it is an ideological problem. At least in my opinion.

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