Profane understanding of Light and Darkness has personified the former with “truth” and the latter with “ignorance.” In some cases Light is equated as spiritually “good” and Darkness as spiritually evil. Understandably this occurs as an extension of physical light and darkness. Physical light illuminates and defines the world we experience, and as such it provides a sense of truth. Physical darkness obscures elements that might hide danger. Crimes occur in the dark. Secrets are plotted in the dark. From this basic extension of physicality the world reflects a black & white ethos.

Yet I question that basic understanding of light and darkness. Is Darkness symbolic of evil? Is Light symbolic of truth?

In my view, I’ve come to the conclusion that Light is symbolic of a great Lie and Darkness the unlimited potential of creative force.

Light is the Lie

The lying aspect of Light is in its very nature. Light defines things. It expresses a projection of supposed truth. This truth, when witnessed, is not challenged. Instead the witness accepts whatever is made manifest as true, without question.

The Case of the Atheist

Consider the physical world. Light illuminates each structure, defining its essence. While these things exist, they are not the totality of experience. There is more to life than physicality. To the atheist, the type of Light expresses a definitive truth. This truth imposed upon their consciousness, sets the boundary of experience: that only the physical and quantifiable elements of life are real.

The Case of the Group Mind

Consider the mystic, organized groups, religious and cults, they too are affected with the Lying Light. It is their dogmas and bounded beliefs that set their own definitive (objective) truth. This so-called truth imposes ideologies upon such people.

Ideological Light

In both cases above the atheist and the group-mind have chosen to accept what is imposed upon them. This imposing force is Light. It defines the edges of belief, it illuminates the ideological and philosophical understandings and projects someone else’s views as Objective truth. Such projections are not the result of personal discovery or Gnosis, but instead are accepted truisms.

In other words, Light is the path of accepting another person’s truth.

Darkness & Gnosis

When I use the word Dark or Darkness, I don’t do so for some gothic whim. It isn’t a tapestry for show. It has real meaning to me. When I started on the Left Hand Path the notion of personal Gnosis was paramount. Instead of blindly following someone else’s truth, the Left Hand Path is in discovering Personal Truth.

Darkness holds great potential. Nothing is defined in Darkness. It’s the void from which all things can manifest.

Personal effort makes use of the unknown, the occulted, to discover truth on the Individual level. Darkness holds the potential, personal effort cultivates awareness from the void.

The Light is the problem. It expresses and imposes definition where one no longer is seeking. This is the opposite of Darkness. In Darkness the Initiate reveals their own truth. Nothing is imposed. The only path of Gnosis is that of Darkness.

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