The magic I practice is without much ritual. I don’t memorize correspondences, or create elaborate ritual tapestries. I have no mythos to work with. For me, pure will, works quite well. Faith in the Self and the work is important in the beginning, but in time, it proves itself. On many occasions I use visuals that correlate to the breath. The will ins invoked in such a way, that the visual, without any surface thought or word, is projected.

An example of will based magic, is simply inhaling through the nose, and visualizing a thin white light coming up through the body, ending above the head…. on the exhale, the will expands that light. It isn’t conceptualized as much as it is felt. It Expands, becoming a pyramid of the colored light, surrounding me. This is how I define my protective barriers. I believe it asserts my dominance over my area of influence. It is as though I’m saying, this area within my grasp is protected by my authority.

Emotional Energy

There is another form of magic I practice…. At times there is a goal, a need. I wish to apply magic to it, but I lack focus. There is a work-around. I found that if I took a strong emotion, and applied it to a working, much like the Golden Dawn “Creation of an Artificial Elemental,” that I could repurpose that energy and cast it out towards my goal.

I’ve talked about the G.D. ritual before, so I won’t bore the reader with its details. Suffice to say, that in the Golden Dawn, they performed elaborate invocation rituals for an element. The elemental energy was raised, harvested and then coalesced into a potent form. This new form was then reprogrammed with a goal, and this becomes the artificial elemental. Its only existence is the task, after which it disperses back to the natural world.

My variation of this task was to repurpose my strong emotions. Let’s say I was confronted by a christian online. I also have a goal. Perhaps I need someone to call me, or a refund to reach me, or help with focusing. Since I’m angry, I can use this emotion. I take a moment to step aside from mundane affairs and concentrate on my emotion. Where is it within me? How does it feel? Who pissed me off and why? I allow the rage to build up internally, and then, using the breath, I breathe it out. I visualize my will pushing the emotion out of me (usually through the palms of my hands) into a force before me.

Once the raw force is coalesced into a potent form, I reprogram it (much like an artificial elemental, per the G.D. system). I give it an identity: “Your role is to do [some task] by [some time/date] and then disperse back to the natural world from whence you came.”

The Odd Mistake

I have had considerable success with this…. In a financial pinch, I pulled my anger over an issue and cast it out to increase my funds… and within a few days an unknown source of income came to me, meeting my needs.

For the most part I use this magic to further my spiritual goals, “open my spiritual life and path so that ….”

Monday, however, my wife was taking a test and I think I crashed her computer. I know, this sounds insane. I’m not woo-woo person. I don’t go around proclaiming great feats of magic, but hear me out.

She was taking a test, and I wanted to help her focus. She has a brand new, hardly used laptop. She’s never had an issue with it. Anyway, while she was secluded doing her online test, I pulled up some anger… I programed it to “help her with the test. Help her focus.”

My will was not focused. I was doing other tasks at the time, and in my laziness I just sort of cast the anger out in her direction with a weak intent of “help her out.” Within 5 minutes of doing that, she sends me an urgent text, “my computer just crashed.”

Her laptop rebooted, and her test became locked. Since she had only done a small portion of the test, her grade was 50%.

Mundane life told me there had to be a logical reason for the restart. As I work in IT, I combed through her log files. I found a critical error, that referenced nothing. I went through the memory dump of the crash and found no real indicator. It acted as though it was supposed to restart. As though she had installed an update and clicked to restart. I checked the updates and while she had one pending (from several weeks prior), no update had been installed. The last update was months ago.

It could be coincidence. But in looking back at the magical operation, I see that I took it in stride. I just wasn’t focused on the goal. I had the anger, and I had the projection. What was missing was the programming. My intent was weak, and not formalized with a clear outcome.

But then, maybe it was all coincidence.

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