Many years ago, while in the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, I was taught a technique that I’ve put into action several times. It’s called the “Magical Oath.” The magic oath was mentioned as a way to push deeply into a spiritual or occult working. This, in fact, can be a way to break through a barrier (internal or otherwise.)

What this oath refers to, is a continued work of magic for a specified amount of time. An example from my past was to invoke Auriel (from the Golden Dawn tradition) every day for 90 days. I’ve also repeated this from a more pagan tradition of invoking Hekate for 30 consecutive days.

The work is not solely for invocations – any magic work can suffice. The amount of time to commit to, is based upon the operator. You want chose an amount of time that isn’t easy, yet is doable.


The benefit of the magical oath, is that when complete, the operator feels a deeper connection to the work. In my case, I found I could better relate to the energies being called. After building this bridge, I could jump to the summoning of the entity without much effort.

The sacrifice here is with one’s time. As you’ll no doubt see, undertaking such a work brings with it, it’s own distractions. But one must persevere, as though one is held accountable for failure.


Once the work begins, the operator may find that the people around him start to show up on queue, as though drawn to them at the specified hour of the working.

Perhaps an employer requests the initiate to leave town on business, or a spouse wants to go on an urgent trip… any number of situations can, and will, pop up.

What the operator must always do, is stay committed to the work. Do not deviate. If called out of town, bring the spiritual work with you – perform it as best you can (of course, breaking no laws of smoking, incense, etc.)

Conspiring Against You

It may feel at times that the Universe is conspiring against you. As you start out on this path, someone will come along and offer a sedative. This ‘sedative’ may be literally or subjective. It might be in friends who want to party, or family that wants your attention, or a job that needs you to refocus your life/work balance.

There is an aspect to reality that seems to work against spiritual endeavors. As one starts to grow spiritually, on come the challenges (which were previously absent.)

These might feel like trials… such as the story of Buddha and Mara. Or it might feel like undue stress to push you out and get your head back in the mundane affairs of the world. Such as the joy of making money in the stock market (refocusing from the spiritual work, to the mundane), or in the fear of lost income due to increased costs (refocusing the spiritual work, again to the mundane.)

It is as though the world as we see it, attempts to keep the many in harmony to this mundane energy. People are constantly put back to sleep, continuing on with the drudgery of their lives.

Power of the Oath

The power of the oath, is within the totality of one’s willpower. By holding strong, not deviating and completing the work, a person can begin to see through the subtle work of the world about us… the sedative nature of the seeming “real” becomes revealed, and our attention is more awake than previously thought.

So make the oaths – stay true to your will and work out whatever needs to be worked around. Do not give in to rage, or depression. Just work through the illusion by staying true to the oath you took.

Do not take a magic oath lightly.

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