Continuing on from Don Webb’s work, “Uncle Setnakts Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path.” In this post I’m going to do a deep dive into second layer of self (Medial.)

Previously the first layer (Surface Level) was discussed in another article:

Four Characteristics of the Self

In Chapter 1 of his book, “Uncle Setnakts Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path,” Mr. Webb points out four characteristics of the magical self:

  • Surface Level
  • Medial Level
  • Core Level
  • Daemonic Level

Medial Level

The medial level is where one’s hopes, dreams, desires and the like stem from. The keyword here is “programming.” Don Webb brings it up as a layer where one can most easily program their “self.” However, we are all under the effect of programming.

Before you can deal with this layer those old programs of family, media, society have to be dealt with. I suppose these would be programs like believing in a faith because the parents enforced it.

Whether or not one holds true to the program is the insight here. Why does one believe in the program that’s running? Is it really what one wants to have running? Honest introspection, I would assume, is a requirement for cleaning out this stage.

Author Don Webb describes this stage as being influenced mostly by two factors:

  • Self-Knowledge
  • Magic

Mr. Webb brings up a really interesting point. He speaks to the issue of happiness as part of this level. But we’re not talking about normal happiness…. This isn’t about limited scope happiness, that makes us feel happy in our limited state of being. Nor is this indulgence. This is a magical happiness that relates to our greatest sense of self.

Webb also brings up an interesting aspect of this level – he equates the observation of this level to the near death experience.

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