This morning I sat in meditation… and with my own will I found my intent bring me to a mental landscape. Like a Twilight realm, of low light as early night, rendered out. Knee high grass bent to the short breeze. Beside me a figure.

Was this my imagination? Continuing on… trusting in the process I extended from my chest a visualized set of tendrils that connected with similar tendrils from the Other… that Other being the Daemon or Deity. The clasp and link of the tendrils a mental construct to visually express my intent to bind with the Other.

The third who stood near by referred to itself as the spirit of the process… to watch over and guide. It felt as an instinctual presence… something that represented instinct.

With the bond, I felt empowered, I felt connected to something Great and Free. In that state I expressed my will in several regards… and then my greatest aspiration… to continue the process of growth.

I feel that once again the spiritual path of mine is moving forward, out of my old stagnation of late.

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