Have you ever committed to a life review? Sometimes it’s interesting to see where one’s views were in comparison to the present moment, to see the change or the similarities of thought and action. In that light, I was reviewing one of my old videos and I came across a particular video I uploaded in 2018… This was long before I was introduced to the Left Hand Path. At the time I was studying a belief in Hekate. I had no teacher, no dogma. I sought answers through a direct link with the deity itself.

Back then I must have been getting caught up in online debates and squabbles. I sat in meditation before my altar of Hekate and had asked this question about my involvement with these debates and attacks.

In reviewing that old video I find it interesting that I already knew the answer to it. In this way the image of Hekate, whether inspired by a real deity or not, was reflecting my own nature.

I’ve had phenomenon happen before. In this case I evidently noticed a wind pick up and felt a force enter me from the altar. However, much of this I think is self produced. As I think the Self is greater than the body, I think most paranormal activity is the work of the Individual at an unconscious level, manifesting paranormal activity. I’m open to it being separate and real, but often I think it’s a matter of manifesting what’s within my own self.

At any rate, I find this a fascinating review of where I was in 2018.

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