In one of my early versions of this website, I was more focused a mix of magic and Vipassana Buddhism. I wrote in the site at that time that the word “skotadi” is Greek for darkness, and how I used that word was in the context of the void from which all things manifest. How interesting it is, that in the new incarnation of this site, I find in my research about the Left Hand Path, that Don Webb (LHP author) speaks to the same concept:

Magic consists of pulling things from the Darkness into the Light. Darkness is the realm of potential existence. It may be understood as the future, the repressed, the hidden or the forbidden. If you lacked a job one night, did a ritual, and got the job, you pulled it out of the Darkness.

Uncle Setnakts Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path,” pg. 19 by Don Webb

Further Don Webb gets into some deep conversation here when he adds:

It [the magic operation] came. But it came with mysterious properties that you had to experience to know. Coming to know those properties will provide you with self knowledge.


Mr. Webb breaks magic down into these component categories:

  • Metacommunication
  • Sorcery
  • Divination
  • Initiatory Magic

I’m not going to get into the details of these, you can read it for yourself in his book “Uncle Setnakts Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path.” To suffice, I’ll summarize the metacommunication aspect as data that has more than one interpretation. It can be a hidden portal of knowledge.

While metacommunication can enrich our lives, we must be on guard for the bombarding messages we get from advertisers and others. It reminds me of a psychic practice I use called “Cutting the Ties that Bind.” That practice is a symbolic visual of cutting away the web of influence that collects and ties us to others.

Sorcery is the traditional concept of magic. Don Webb describes it here in the context we often think of magic – change in conforming to our will… but through sone nonnatural way.

In the sorcery section Webb also talks about Sigil magic and surprisingly enough he gives a detailed methodology to work it.

Next up is Divination. I was a bit surprised to see it used in the Temple of Set. I suppose I thought they wouldn’t care what the future holds, as their goals would be to address whatever comes as it comes.

What I misunderstood is how Divination is expressed in this context. Divination here is not just in looking at future events, but most importantly in self-discovery.

Finally, initiatory magic is described. Don Webb gives this a mysterious title, “The Secret of the Magi.” Two terms come up as well, the four levels of the microcosmic dynamism, and the macrocosmic dynamism.

I’m not quite clear what is meant by those two terms. Obviously I know what macro and microcosmic refer to, but in connection with the word dynamism, I’m not quite sure. About the best I could define was the word dynamism from a common dictionary:

The theory that phenomena of matter or mind are due to the action of forces rather than to motion or matter.

Webb talks about discovery our views and values. Webb actually raises a VALID point that I need to add to my antinomianism post… I was worried about antinomianism as it can (on the outset) appear to be the guideline to invert whatever may be in our culture. Which could lead to disaster. Webb adds some guidance on values in this section:

Immature LHP philosophies suggest that such things [one’s values] are merely to be hated and inverted. Mature philosophies look at the results and then make their Pact with mankind.

Uncle Setnakts Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path,” pg. 26

Elaborating further he describes how you collect the good and the bad that you were raised with… it might be honor, working hard, but it could also include bigotry or racism. The Initiate takes what works for their nature and drops those elements that would hinder their path (such as the racism and bigotry.)

These are the high level bullet points on magic. Don Webb goes into a lot more details within the work itself – which I highly recommend (just wish he had a Kindle version!)

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