Several pieces of content has recently been published from Black Flame Immersion. First I thought the latest YouTube video was very interesting. It’s a heartfelt view into the goals and purpose of the podcast and YouTube channel of Black Flame Immersion.

You can see the video on Youtube below or directly via this [link].

The above video is from the BFI YouTube channel (

Black Flame Immersion also recently released a 2.5 hour episode titled “Reflections from within the Glass House.“. It’s a very long episode and I haven’t done enough diligence to fully cover the material.

The topic of the episode deals with ancestral magic among other aspects of the Left Hand Path.

For those new to the podcast of Black Flame Immersion, I would encourage the listener to start with the first episode and work forward, as everything builds in practicality from the first episode.

Finally, I do not represent Black Flame Immersion, but I have found immense usefulness in the hosts of the podcast.

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