I wanted to return to some previous discussion in the Black Flame Immersion podcasts… Specifically I was listening to this one on Initiation:

The host brings up some good points. As he mentions (about 12m into the podcast), it is natural for people to want to jump to ritual, ceremony and initiation.

As he mentions however, Initiation is a long process. I don’t know if he says this, but I now believe it to be a life-long process. There is a stage in occultism, where people wish to produce effect.

I’ve been there, we’ve all been there. We want the magic experience, and that experience I believe to be real… However, it is not the self-transformative experience. Making someone healthy, or sick, or generating money, isn’t self-transformative. About the greatest that work does is in a certain truth that reality is moldable. This means that reality is greater than the hard surface of the Objective/Physical Universe.

That’s great to understand that, but to continue focusing on generating money, love, etc. that doesn’t directly inspire self-transformation. The vessel of ourselves needs to go through the heat of the black flame… the initiation rite…

That initiation rite might be done on one afternoon or evening… but in reality it is a constant tending of the process through daily work. The building of the relationship of the one we seek – be it Lucifer, Satan, or the personal Daemon.

The host doesn’t speak to the Daemon, but this is my own direction at this point. Regardless, it doesn’t matter… the specific being we are seeking is not the point… the point is the process and cultivation of that process is lifelong.

I suppose I feel (at this point, and my ideas are subject to change) that the Daemon is the unified Self… that when established, can be the vessel for the energy described here as Lucifer or the Prince of Darkness.

At any rate, check out this podcast (linked above) for more details from the Host of the Black Flame Immersion podcast.

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